Love Meter: Carl and Ellie

I have never been the biggest fan of Disney Princesses. It’s not that I don’t like them or their stories but I usually liked a different character (like Maleficent, not sure what that says about me) in the movie more or I just appreciated and loved the story.

I guess that is why I never found the love stories all that appealing either. I never dreamed of being swept away to a castle or meeting my true love in some fantastic storybook romance. But that changed in 2009 when I finally found a Disney couple that I not only loved but identified with completely.

Carl and Ellie are such a beautiful couple. They meet as children and bond over a common interest — their love of adventure. The next few minutes of Up, scored beautifully by Michael Giacchino, make me tear up every time I watch them. We watch Carl and Ellie get married, make a home, suffer loss, and grow old. We also see Carl lose Ellie, which sets up the premise of the rest of the film.

After going after what he thought Ellie always wanted, Carl learns that he and Ellie never missed out on the adventure like he thought they did. Sure they never made it to Paradise Falls like they had dreamed, but they did have the best kind of adventure — a life together. They worked along side one another, held hands, went on picnics. The every day things that so many take for granted.

I have my own Carl. We are also a family of two and always will be. And while for a time I found that fact a little sad, I now celebrate it. I am lucky. I have someone who will sit and watch Disney movies with me, to hold hands with, and to dream with. We got married, built a home, had our struggles, and came out loving each other more. And while me may never go on some of the grand adventures that we dream of, that’s okay. We get to be together and live our every day adventures.

So no, Carl and Ellie aren’t the typical fairy tale romance that some dream about, they are something even better. A beautiful example that while there are downs, it is the ups that make life beautiful.

All images from Disney Screencaps.

12 thoughts on “Love Meter: Carl and Ellie

  1. I cannot watch Up without tearing up! I too didn’t do the whole princess thing when I was little (though my two girls make up for that now!), but Carl and Ellie definitely are some of my favorite characters! Thank you for sharing, Melissa! I’ve learned too that Pierre and I may not be doing all the things we thought we would, but being married is certainly a wonderful adventure in itself!

  2. I love love love this! It’s so perfect! I also agree completely with you- having someone to love you and go on adventures with is better than any fairy tale or castle romance. FYI- I’m just jealous of all the WDW adventures you both get to take!! 😉

  3. Up is one of my very favorite movies. I completely agree; Carl and Ellie are one of the best, most memorable screen couples ever, even though Ellie is only physically present for the first minutes of the film. That montage of their lives together is unforgettable.

  4. Carl and Ellie are one of my favorite couples! I always cry too when I watch their beautiful love story. You are very lucky to have found your Carl!! I’m sure you have many more adventures to look forward to.

  5. Really enjoyed this, Melissa. I agree about Carl & Ellie, and when he finds her “adventure book” later on, and sees she had filled it with memories of their everyday life together – it truly is a beautiful life lesson! Fun to dream about adventures (and your next Disney World trip), but good to remember to appreciate and enjoy things each and every day.

    This is the most personal post I’ve ever read by you (were you feeling mushy on Valentine’s Day?? Ha ;)… thanks for sharing your great attitude with us all!

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