Girl’s Day Out with Mouse on the Mind

I can’t imagine anything more fun than traipsing around Walt Disney World with one of my favorite Disney gal pals.

Melissa of Mouse on the Mind and I always talk about flying down to Florida together, but it has yet to happen. (Tragedy!) Like everything else in our lives, though, we like to be prepared so we thought we would dream up a future friend date in the theme parks!

Here’s what I came up with:

A good day must start with a mimosa. So Melissa and I are going to head over to the Kona Cafe for some breakfast. I’m going to have the pineapple pancakes, and I hope she has the Tonga Toast so I can steal some. (She’s actually never had Tonga Toast so maybe we will end up trading plates, who knows?) We will toast to the beginning of a fabulous day with our lovely morning cocktails.

Kona Cafe - Official Walt Disney World Website

Next up? Magic Kingdom! Yes, we are going to head over by boat and stop in the first store we see on Main Street. We are going to buy some adorable princess crowns that we will wear for a majority of the day. Now, we are not staying in Magic Kingdom TOO long, but we must say hi to our fellow gal pal, Minnie, and also give hugs to a few princess pals. Also: a great spin at the Mad Tea Party as well.

disney princesses
We certainly fit right in with them. [Source]
Around lunch time, we’ll jump on the monorail and head over to Epcot. Because I’m all about the libations, Melissa and I have to make a fancy stop at Tutto Gusto for cheese, wine, and dessert! It’s the perfect place to sit back and chat for awhile, and also talk to some cute Italian waiters. (No fear, husbands, we love you!) Also: Blowing Donald a kiss on the Grand Fiesta Tour, checking out some jewelry in the Mexico pavilion, and ending with a ride on Spaceship Earth. (We need to know what our future looks like!)

Tutto Gusto from WDWNews
Cheese! [Source]
Afterwards, we’ll hop back on the monorail for a stop at the Grand Floridan Resort. We are going to go all out with manicure/pedicures at Senses, and after that relaxing (and amazing) event is all set… grab a drink and listen to the orchestra in the Grand Floridan lobby play some jazz tunes!

Music at the Grand Floridian Burnsland
I can hear the sweet tunes already. [Source]
Now that we are completed de-stressed and having the most fantastic day ever on property, (really, I’m jealous over my own dreamed up day… is that okay?) we are going to go head back to our hotel room and change for the evening. I hope Melissa has her best sundress packed!

We’re going to Carpe PM over at Hollywood Studios! We must go check out two of my favorite men: Buzz and Woody over in the Pixar section. Maybe tear up at the presentation after walking through One Man’s Dream. And end with a refreshing pitcher of sangria for dinner at Mama Melrose’s. Don’t worry… we’ll order food too. (Let’s be real: I’ll probably force Melissa to go see MuppetVision 3D as well.)

woody and buzz
Can’t you tell they are waiting for us? [Source]
After checking out Fantasmic for the 400th time and waving hello to all our character friends, Melissa and I will walk back to the BoardWalk, ending our night at the Bellevue Lounge where she will probably beat me at a game of Scrabble. 

bellevue lounge, boardwalk
So we’re not exactly party animals but we do know how to enjoy each other’s company.

Um, Melissa, can we go book a trip now? Please?

Be sure to check out Mouse on the Mind today to see what Melissa has on the agenda for us!

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