That Disney Wedding

When you are classified a “Disney person”, people don’t forget that.

Case in point: many, many friends sent me the link for this Disney wedding that went viral a few weeks ago.

Disney-Themed Viral Wedding

Okay, here’s the thing: I respect the choices a bride and groom make when they are planning their wedding. It’s a huge undertaking. HUGE. And I love that they made their wedding about the two of them because there are so many that are cookie cutter events when it comes to matrimony (yawn), but if I were the one to propose this exact idea, I can only imagine what our parents and our friends would have had to say.

I can deduce that:

  • The families and friends involved in this wedding must love them very much.
  • The couple was very sure they would love these pictures many, many years down the line.
  • Everyone must really like Disney a whole lot. Like, more than me. More than Mickey Mouse?

I’m not so sure I could have climbed aboard this wedding train if a friend asked me to wear a Disney costume as a bridesmaid. Honestly, that’s something we did in high school when we were majorettes in the marching band and all the girls dressed like a different princess. (Although someone was Mary Poppins, which was pretty awesome.) But it was Halloween… not a day like your wedding day.

It made me think about all the early trips to Disney World when I would be dating such and such a guy and dreaming up my own wedding. (All girls do this, right?) After I jokingly thought getting married on a boat riding through “It’s a Small World” would be a cute idea, I kept going back to one in particular idea that semi-reminds me of what Jamie (the Ariel bride from above) executed.

This brilliant brainstorm was all centered around bridesmaids who wore dresses inspired by various Disney princesses. Like so:

Disney Bridesmaid Brainstorm

I’d love to find a light yellow fabric for Belle/Snow White-inspired look! (These dresseas are from JCrew’s bridesmaid line.)

And because I’d rather look like myself than a Disney princess, I am loving this JCrew wedding dressΒ (tea length would be perfect for a Florida wedding, don’t you think?):

Disney Wedding Dress

The rosebuds totally remind me of something Belle would approve of.

While these ideas came to me when I was oh-so young and innocent, things changed when I met my future husband and I was getting married for real. One of my best friends told me not to say that I “grew out” of this idea when I wrote this post. And she’s right. I didn’t. Just when I was imagining my wedding day on those warm August afternoons in Florida staring at the Friendship boats, my ideas didn’t factor in the man I would eventually call my husband.

Sure, Disney was a part of our lives that we shared together but there was also so much more — and all of that took precedence in all the planning. (You can check out the wedding details I blogged about last year.)

I’m never ashamed of my love for Disney but I do try to integrate it into my life in a classy and organic kind of way, whether it’s home decor or clothing or even working on this blog.

I certainly can’t knock someone for their wedding choices. They must have some reason for going through with them, right? Yet even after seeing the attention to detail in Jamie’s wedding, I still prefer a subtle nod to Disney love than a cartoon-y celebration where you lose sight of who you are.

I’ll be very curious to know how this couple feels about their wedding 10 years down the line.

4 thoughts on “That Disney Wedding

  1. I love the J Crew bridesmaids dresses, but I am also biased because my girls wore them!

    To each their own, but my biggest complaint about this wedding is how cheap and ill-fitting the girls dresses look. There are some absolutely amazing cosplay seamstresses out there that could have made these girls look “Park Quality”.

  2. I’ve never been a wedding person. I haven’t had one, I don’t think about them, and (for the most part) am not a big fan of attending them. But, like you, a lot of my friends know me as a Disney aficionado and sent me links to this. The thing is, if I were to get married, I’d probably do something crazy like this, just since I’ve never been the type of girl who has been dreaming of a traditional wedding with a flowing white dress. However, I understand why people would find something like this over-the-top and tacky, so it would probably be an elopement or just the smallest wedding ever, sans bridal party. I’d feel bad subjecting everyone to my whims, even if I know they would support them (or just pretend to support them). Actually, I kinda love your “get married on a boat riding through ‘it’s a small world'” idea.

    One of my best friends, who often accompanies me to Disneyland/WDW, always jokes that she’s going to get married in the ice room at the T. Rex CafΓ©. When this wedding was shared with her, I told her that if she decided to have Disney character bridesmaids, I would be Ursula.

  3. The missus and I have been getting the same harassment since the story broke! And then the friends/family don’t understand why I don’t like the idea…

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