Muppet Monday: Make a Wish

In the history of Muppet Monday on This Happy Place Blog, it’s very rare that I feature a guest star from The Muppet Show twice… not to mention, three times.

But the awesome Ben Vereen does take the cake.

Here is a clip of him singing a song you will find very familiar:

“Pure Imagination” was written for the 1971 film Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Gene Wilder sings this beautiful (yet sort of haunting) tune in the movie, and if you are a Glee fan, the kids sang it in a rather poignant moment on the show in recent years.

I love Ben Vereen’s take on this song… his voice is incredibly lovely and he sings to an unnamed Muppet. In the trippy sequence that follows, a long-legged Muppet grooves in the corner of their minds. Some pom-pom looking Muppets join the chorus, as well.  But Vereen gives the song a jazzy twist and I love that.

“We’ll begin / with a spin / Traveling in / the world of my creation” — a fitting way to describe the world Jim Henson created with his Muppets, that is for sure.

Hope you all have a lovely Monday + enjoy a sojourn of some kind into the depths of your imagination this week!

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