My Own Limited Time Magic: 1998

With the Limited Time Magic events popping up in the Disney theme parks this year, I was looking through some old family albums this weekend and discovered we have experienced quite a bit of our own through the years.

(Also goes to show how much effort Disney is willing to put into this campaign… I could name way more “long lost friends” that I haven’t seen in the park in years, as evidenced in my pictures.)

I should give you fair warning that my fashion sense is so ahead of it’s time that you will be majorly jealous.

Hope you enjoy this short trip down memory lane!

During our early trips to WDW, my parents scheduled a good amount of character breakfasts.

This particular one was held at MGM Studios at Hollywood + Vine. Before Playhouse Disney, it hosted a variety of characters. Here’s one you don’t see so often:

1998 Esmeralda in MGM Studios

Esmeralda from The Hunchback of Notre Dame! She was one of my sister’s favorite characters (although you can’t tell from her face). My mom is positive this is the same gal who sang in the musical version of the show, but I’m not so sure about that. Where oh where have the gypsies gone?

To keep in the MGM theme, here’s a sight that didn’t last forever… the Washington Square Park arch at the top of New York Street on the Backlot Tour.

1998 Disney Hollywood Studios - Arch

Doesn’t that look like a nice and relaxing nook? I miss it so.

1998 Disney Hollywood Studios - Backlot Tour

This photo breaks my heart. Seeing the facades along Residential Street was one of my favorite theme park activities. And they took it away from me and I’ll never forgive them… sigh. Anyway, this blue house was the home to Alice and her cat, Dinah, from “Adventures in Wonderland” — a truly wonderful show on The Disney Channel.

We’re going to jump over to Magic Kingdom for the rest of the rarities I’ve discovered recently!

1998 Estelle and Laurie with Jungle Book characters

At the entrance of the park, Laurie and I hang out with Mowgli and Baloo of The Jungle Book. Now it’s pretty common to see Baloo around (Animal Kingdom, for sure) but Mowgli? I’m not sure I’ve seen him hanging out with guests since this time in 1998. (My mom commented on how we were the same height… not sure if that’s an insult or not.)

1998 Geppetto in Magic Kingdom

I’m pretty positive I haven’t seen good old Geppetto around the theme parks lately… and if I’m wrong, well I know for a fact that this character meet in greet from Fantasyland no longer exists. So there is that…

Last but not least…

1998 Magic Kingdom 20000 Leagues

First of all, it’s absolutely crazy to think that a huge spread of water like this does not exist anymore. Say hello to the New Fantasyland and the previous site of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Now, I never got to experience 20,000 Leagues but my dad, who visited Disney a good amount of times in the 70s, did and he would always mention this when we passed by the spot. I really can’t believe how lush the backdrop is here.

If you look in the top right, you see another attraction that said “so long” — the Skyway!

Who knew such a random spot would hold so much Disney history down the line? (Go Mom!)

Now that’s what I call Limited Time Magic!

8 thoughts on “My Own Limited Time Magic: 1998

  1. Great post! I sadly don’t remember much of my earlier visits to WDW (I was six and ten), but I do remember going on 20,000 Leagues as a kid, and our character breakfast on the riverboat that’s now Fulton’s in Downtown Disney.

    When we were in Tokyo, we rode their 20,000 Leagues, and from what I remember, it’s a little different than the WDW version (a smaller “capsule” ride vehicle instead of a submarine). Still, it was a great ride and I’m sad it vanished from WDW.

  2. Love these pictures! I’d forgotten about Adventures in Wonderland — That certainly was a terrific Disney Channel show…back when the Disney Channel was awesome.

    Especially love the shot of the 20,000 Leagues lagoon. It makes you wonder how many current-day Disney attractions will be changed or removed and end up being past “Limited Time Magic” experiences.

  3. THIS IS THE BEST. So many memories … not just of park stuff, but those old Disney Channel programs too! And I don’t really remember ever seeing Baloo or Mowgli. Crazy. I’m visiting my parents in a few months and can’t wait to go through all the old trip albums! I’m sure I’ll be doing plenty of scanning…

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