The Disney North East Meet Up: It was a Blast!

Good afternoon all!

Did you have a fantastic weekend? I really hope so!

If you have been following along, you may have seen us (us = Disney Hipsters or Mouse on the Mind) hyping up our first ever North East meetup for February 23.

North East Meet Up with Disney Hipsters and Mouse on the Mind




Northeast Meet Up Hipster Support

Basically, big thanks to Andrew of Disney Hipsters for hooking us up with a great space at the Cornerstone in Brooklyn. It’s a cozy, sweet restaurant with a fantastic staff, where we had a complete floor to ourselves — including piped in Disney background music and dimmed, romantic lighting.

Cornerstone Front Entrance
I love any establishment with twinkly lights.

So there was drinking (the bar mixed Disney drinks for us!), trivia (Melissa came up with some tough questions), a background music game (so much fun), and lots of chatting.

We actually totally stayed 4 hours over our allotted time.

It kind of felt like my wedding where the time sped by so quick… and before you knew it it was over.

I was having so much fun… I didn’t take that many pictures but here are a few!

Northeast Meet Up Disney Hipsters

Here are Adam and Andrew hosting their Background Music Loop game. Can I say one thing? (Or 10…) I love these guys. They are sweet, wonderful, kind people and I love to see people appreciating them because they just share their enthusiasm for Disney so wholeheartedly and honestly. And I think they do some of the best work in this community getting adults to embrace their love of this place, this art and it’s fantastic.

Northeast Meet Up Collage

(from left to right)

– Jeff from the fantastic blog Lance + Jeff | The Dapper Doodle: my first thought “OH YOU ARE SO TALL!” Let me tell all of you that Jeff is an amazingly sweet guy and I hope that I see him very soon. He’s friendly, adorable, and so incredibly talented. Why does he not live closer?!

– The coolest ladies on the block: Katherine from Food Fitness Fantasy + Erica @Totaleminnie… I was so looking forward to meeting these two and they are both so chipper and chatty and fun and I want to hang out with them again super soon.

– Matt from The Hub Podcast: I’m not going to lie… I was as little starstruck meeting Matt, who I have been listening to in my ear for quite a few months now. He and his girlfriend (who is not a huge Disney crazy like us but is an awesome sport) were so incredibly nice and it was so awesome to put a face to a voice!

– Natalie, another gal I’ve been chatting with a ton via Twitter with her sweet, enthusiastic son! I wish I had more time to talk with Natalie who LOVES BOOKS and Disney so she is pretty much a friend made in heaven for me. Big kudos to her son who was pretty competitive with the trivia game!

Northeast Meet Up Melissa and Andrew

And, finally, the two terrific hosts: Melissa and Andrew. (True story: took 3 times before this shot came out and I had not had a drink yet.)

Can I just say how lucky I feel to know these two very creative, wonderful people who are not just other Disney bloggers but wonderful friends? They inspire me every single day, and remain totally supportive of what I do and how I do it because they get it. They understand unique content, having fun, and putting forth “work” that we can all be proud of. Even if it is only about Disney.

So thanks to these two people for one of my favorite Disney moments yet. I can’t wait to plan another one of these shindigs and hang out again!

And most of all thanks to the amazing folks who turned up even in the pouring, gray rain! I’m not sure what the final count is but I think about 40 or so lovely folks came to hang out! (A special hello Mike at Jambo Everyone, Dawn at Mousechow, Josh who guest writes for Mouse on the Mind, and Kyle, who I met at my first Disney meet up last year!)

And lesson learned: next time THERE WILL BE GLOWTINIS. (Sorry about that guys.) Who knew Party City would not have them? Sigh.

I’m just so appreciative of this community, and Saturday totally solidified that for me. To meet such genuinely nice people out of this hobby is completely rewarding and I just want to thank you again for taking the time to read, comment, and tweet with me. It’s pretty fantastic and just motivates me to keep it going!

One final note: I shouldn’t be surprised that the Hipsters can throw an kick ass party but I’ve been highly unproductive today (Sunday) with pjs my outfit of choice. (If that tells you anything…)

The reviews are in:

— Jeff of Lance + Jeff: “The meet-up was great… (!!)”
— Katherine at Food Fitness Fantasy: “Ridiculously fun!”
— The Disney Hipsters: “Talk about a fun night!”

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