Up on the Skyway: 1998

We’re traveling back to 1998 today with a glimpse at my one and only ride on Magic Kingdom’s Skyway.

An opening day attraction, the Skyway, which transported guests from Fantasyland to Tomorrowland, closed in 1999.

During summer trips to the Jersey Shore, my dad and I would always take a ride on the skyride in Seaside Heights. My mom was afraid of heights, and my sister was too small for awhile. But it was almost the most fun to hang out with my dad and ride right above the sand. I know this is why the Skyway was one of my most memorable experiences during our early Disney trips. To have one of my favorite rides in both places felt like such a prize.

I hope you enjoy these pictures. It’s pretty amazing to see the open space, especially knowing that now there are new adventures to be had in those very lush areas.

Magic Kingdom Skyway 1998
My dad and I.

Magic Kingdom Skyway

Magic Kingdom Skyway 1998

Awesome view of Ariel’s Grotto, Scuttle’s Landing (snacks!), and King Triton in the previous space for 20,000 Leagues. Look at that mountain of trees behinds everything.

Here’s a slightly closer view. This is really a picture that takes my breath away. I can’t believe how much the park has changed in 15 years.

Magic Kingdom Skyway

Here’s the final shot from this Skyway ride… a view of Tomorrowland, above the big top housing the Mad Tea Party.

I don’t think it’s regular practice to go on vacation and take pictures of the surrounds for posterity. It’s more about remembering the faces and the moments you spent together. My family wasn’t into the history of Disney World when we went into these trips. Even though my dad has experienced the parks in the early 1970s, it didn’t exactly hit us that the attractions and fun we would be experiencing wouldn’t exist anymore. Add more!! But do not take away…

I guess you never think that a vacation from your childhood could be looked upon as more special years down the line. But as more continues to grow and change in WDW, for Disney geeks like us, these rare moments do take on a deeper meaning.

2 thoughts on “Up on the Skyway: 1998

  1. Love these pictures! I got to ride WDW’s Skyway on my ’93 visit. I loved that mid-course turn; I’ve never experienced that on any other skyride.

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