Books + Disney: When Interests Collide

Happy March (and, more importantly, happy Friday!)

You might not know this but I don’t zero in all my attention on This Happy Place Blog. For almost as long as I have worked on this blog, I have also worked on another called Rather Be Reading,Β where I review books and write features with a lovely partner. Mostly, we review a lot in the young adult genre but we do pepper in fiction for the grown-ups, middle grade titles, and more when we feel like it.

During a week when one of my book blogger friends was nice enough to contribute to my Love Meter series (Alexa on Tarzan and Jane), it seemed ironic that a few book blogs I read seemed to be focusing on Disney subjects themselves. I really liked the posts they wrote so I thought I would feature a few of them today!

It’s always nice when my interests intertwine so unexpectedly + I thought you might get a kick out of these reads as well.

First up, a blast from the past, but as THP guest writer Alexa plans her fall wedding, I had to include this one:

Alexa Loves Books

Alexa writes about her sweet, and Disney-fied proposal. (It also fits her love of reading!) Who doesn’t love a good romance?

Books Take You Places

Alyssa from Books Take You Places makes the case for her top Disney males. I loved how detailed she got with these. Pretty awesome, and I agree with her on so many of her points!

Real Men Read YA

Omigosh. Aaron from is not afraid to admit that he reads YA! I mean, his blog is called “Real Men Love YA”. (Do you hear that, husband?) I love it. I also love this post that actually inspired Alyssa’s as well. He picks the MANLIEST Disney characters. Do you concur with his list?

And last, but certainly not least:

Book Addicts Guide

Brittany from Book Addicts GuideΒ chats about her favorite Cinderella movies in this post. So much fun and I love her choices! (There have been SO many!)

After reading so many book reviews all week, it was certainly refreshing to see some new spins on familiar material in another realm of my blogging life!

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