Disney’s Love Meter Series: a Collection

Disney's Love Meter Series from This Happy Place Blog: a series studying the compatibility of some of our favorite Disney/Pixar couples.

One of my favorite parts about writing This Happy Place Blog is being hit on the head with a random idea and turning it into a living and breathing thing. This past month, some talented bloggers looked at the compatibility of some Disney and Pixar couples you should recognize in the Love Meter series. Really, this series could go on forever + it may make its way back but with March here and a whole new set of writing possibilities, I wanted to be sure you didn’t miss a thing from February.

Thank you so much to Rich (Mouse Troop), Jeff (The Dapper Doodle), Melissa (Disney on Wheels), Alexa (Alexa Loves Books), and Katherine (Food Fitness Fantasy) for being game enough to take the topic at hand and make it their own in such fun and heartfelt ways. I was always so excited to see another one of these entries in my Inbox!

→ Rich Tobin’s Johnny Fedora + Alice Blue Bonnet from Make Music Mine
→ Melissa’s Carl and Ellie from Pixar’s UP
→ Jeff’s Helen and Bob Parr from Pixar’s The Incredibles
→ Alexa’s Tarzan and Jane from Tarzan
→ Katherine’s Marlin and Dory from Pixar’s Finding Nemo

One final thought: isn’t it interesting to see that Pixar reigns with interesting and dimensional characters? I guess that should be of no surprise. Pixar does seem to have authentic humans with real feelings down when it comes to their movies. And while Disney wasn’t always quick to embrace that… I do think Tiana + Naveen and Rapunzel + Flynn are pretty awesome additions to the couples we’ve met in the past.

Thanks again for stopping in!

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