2 Years Later: Marriage + a Disney World Honeymoon

It’s hard to believe that two years ago, James and I were doing this:

Estelle and James on their Wedding Day

And then this:

Estelle and James on their Wedding Day

And after you marry the boy of your dreams, where do you go?


Not only did we have a wonderful wedding, but James and I headed to Florida for a 2-week Disney World honeymoon that included a week in the theme parks and a second on a Caribbean cruise on Disney’s Magic ship. (If you are new to the blog, some of my earliest posts were actually honeymoon recaps.)

Last year, for our first anniversary, I talked about the Disney touches James and I during our wedding + to celebrate this year, I’m going to relive my ultra-fabulous vacation (oh how I wish 2-week vacations were a regular thing) and relive my top five moments from our honeymoon.

Here we go —

Disney World Honeymoon - Wild Africa Trek in Animal Kingdom

5. Wild Africa Trek: This was a last minute extravagance… we actually booked it right before we left on our cruise and planned to return from the ship and spend our last day backstage at the Animal Kingdom. It was a lot tamer than we thought (we wanted real zip lines) but the views of the animals just can’t be topped. The tour guides were amazing, and the food break was fantastic too. It was the perfect way to end a whirlwind trip.

Disney World Honeymoon - Bay Lake Tower at Contemporary Resort

4. Our view at Bay Lake Tower: So it was unseasonably FREEZING during our first week in Orlando (we so didn’t pack well) and we didn’t get to spend as much time as I would have liked enjoying this view, but when we did… whoa. It was so beautiful. I really loved waking up every morning to see it, and going to bed and seeing all the lights twinkling. BLT was probably the perfect place to stay for our honeymoon — it didn’t feel like it was overrun with kids (most of the time) and we were just a short walk away from Magic Kingdom (another new experience for us).

3. We met some characters.Β Okay, so you know when you wear the special occasion buttons and people say Happy Birthday to you? Well, it was nothing like some of the attention we got when we wore our bride and groom ears. (Confession: we did not wear them every day because they hurt our ears, and were not the easiest to tote around all the time.) One morning at MK, we lucked out with a particularly adorable Chip and Dale duo who decided to coordinate an entire wedding ceremony for us. By far, one of my best memories I’ve had in Disney parks.

Disney World Honeymoon - Narcoossee's at the Grand Floridian Resort

2. Dinner at Narcoossee’s: We really lived it up when it came to meals for honeymoon with the help of our Disney Honeymoon Registry. (Seriously, the best idea in the world. If you are honeymooning down here, do it!) This was a special meal for no other reason that it was delicious, we got a souvenir menu to take home, and we had a lovely view which led to a great (and unplanned) Wishes view on the way to the Magic Kingdom via boat.

Disney World Honeymoon - Disney Cruise Line Magic

1. My time on Disney Cruise’s Magic: My honeymoon reunited me with the only cruise ship I had ever gone on, and threw me back into cruising after a long absence. It also revved up the obsession once again. We had beautiful weather, made some nice friends, and had a great time exploring St. Maarten and St. John (we snorkeled with sea turtles!). Best of all was time spent in Castaway Cay at the adult getaway beach and riding bikes around the island. (It’s sort of become our favorite thing to do.) It was so nice to kick our legs up and relax after a long year and a half of wedding planning.


Oh man. How lovely would it be to take that exact trip every year for our wedding anniversary? It really was a vacation to remember, and one that we reminisce about all the time.

Every day, I feel so lucky to have married a guy who not only remains super supportive of everything I do (and dream to do) but also shares my love of Disney. Here’s to another year full of adventure, Dole Whips, and happy memories! xoxo

Thanks everyone for sharing this trip down memory lane with me!

12 thoughts on “2 Years Later: Marriage + a Disney World Honeymoon

    1. Jessi, James and I loved the Trek and want to do it again sometime so yes, I think it’s definitely worth it. It’s pretty interactive, you can ask whatever you want, and the views of the animals are just like nothing you are ever going to get. I loved the dinner stop, and there are a ton of photo ops + they used to include a photo pass with pictures from the whole tour. I would look into it!

  1. What a special way to start off your marriage! It’s so fitting and fun. You two are absolutely lovely people. Happy anniversary!!

  2. Very sweet post, dear. Makes me sad we’re not doing a 2 week trip this month, but hey, we’re gonna make the most of it. In less than 20 days we’ll be taking notes on an anniversary post for the blog next year!

  3. You guys are the cutest. I’m so excited about your upcoming trip! Here’s to many more years of magic and adventure. πŸ™‚

  4. Happy anniversary! Walt Disney World is such a great place for a honeymoon – that is where we went for ours, too. But that was almost 20 years ago, and there wasn’t a Disney Cruise Line back then. But the Disney Cruise Line was around for our 10th anniversary, and that was great. And it will be around for our 20th anniversary, too. πŸ™‚

  5. SIGH. I wish I had the money to go back to Disney ALL the time!! I miss it so much already! Now it’s been almost FOUR YEARS ahhh.
    I ADORE your wedding dress and I love that you guys were drinking beer instead of “fancy” drinks. I’m totally drinking beer at my wedding instead of champagne and mixed drinks LOL.
    I love the sunset pictures! Ahhh the sunset behind Disney.
    Very fun post! Thanks for sharing and happy anniversary!!!!

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