Muppet Monday: Hold Tight to Your Food

Good morning, friends!

When I first caught this sketch on Season 1 of The Muppet Show, I was reminded of the sullen version of “Pictures in My Head” from The Muppets. Β As Kermit reminisces about the state of his friendships with the other Muppets, he sees them practically alive in the frames that line his hallway.

But that’s a pretty sad song (even if it does convince Kermit he needs to get the gang back together), and since it’s Monday, here’s a sillier version with a (kind of) similar idea. Avery Schrieber only wants to enjoy his sandwich, and his luck seems to be running out.

Forward to 2:15 in the following video:

Fozzie is actually funny, folks! And there’s an appearance by Rowlf, which adds to the excitement of the sketch.

Running less than 2 minutes, this is one of the more memorable segments I remember in The Muppet Show. The timing is spot-on, and the farcical nature is so well-done. It makes me smile so big. Most importantly, comedian Avery Schreiber is prepped and ready to go head-to-head with the comedy stylings of the Muppets, and well, he does a pretty darn awesome job at it.

Plus his mop of curls is so Muppet-esque, don’t you think?

avery schreiber, the muppet show

Doesn’t he look like he was having the best time?

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4 thoughts on “Muppet Monday: Hold Tight to Your Food

  1. Avery Schreiber was awesome; he appeared frequently on variety shows when I was growing up, and his gentle, good-natured style of comedy was always welcome.

    That sketch really was brilliantly timed and performed. Classic!

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