Monorail Resorts: Kill, Refurb, Marry with Mouse on the Mind

Sometimes in life you make friends who force you to make difficult decisions.

Melissa from Mouse on the Mind is that person.

In Round 2 of our rousing game of Kill, Refurb, and Marry, she asked that we look to the Monorail resorts. (Here’s round 1 in case you missed it.)

The Monorail resorts? Truthfully, I’ve only stayed at the Bay Lake Tower and although I have spent a good dealof time on property at the Grand Floridian, Fort Wilderness, and the Polynesian — I feel like this is the hardest decision to make. In fact, I’m pretty nervous and have been panicking since Melissa brought it up.

(Right now, she would say: “Estelle! You are much too stressed over this!”)

Most of the time, these resorts seem so loved! (Or maybe I’m confusing “love” with Disney’s over-inflated prices. $700 a night for the Grand Floridian? $628 a night for the Polynesian?) Sure, guests are getting the lovely proximity to Magic Kingdom, the easily obtainable views of Wishes, and a wide array of activities and restaurants right in their own resort, but…wow.

Is it really worth it?

Well, that’s a topic for another post so let’s get started with today’s game.


Visiting the Contemporary Resort

The Contemporary Resort: Truth? I was originally going to put the Grand Floridian here, but since they are pretty far into a DVC renovation… that felt kind of heartless. I really enjoyed my time staying at Bay Lake Tower (Top of the World is awesome!), but that almost feels like a separate issue when deciding to off The Contemporary. It’s supposed to be modern and cool, but it feels stuffy and old. This should be a happening spot… there shouldn’t be kids running around bars, and gray hallways, and old carpets. Take the Mary Blair mosaic and start from the beginning. I want to be wowed.


Estelle at the Polynesian Resort

The Polynesian: I haven’t had the grand opportunity to stay here (see the cost above) but I’ve spent a ton of time exploring and hanging out in the restaurants. It’s a beautiful resort. I love the feel, but, at this point, I think there is something that could be done to make it even more Hawaiian. With the opening of Aulani, I would think Disney could tap into some of that inspiration and make the Polynesian even more grander and amazing.


The Family at the Grand Floridian Resort

The Grand Floridian.:Okay, here’s why. It’s gorgeous and lush. There’s a live orchestra playing every day and a spa where Melissa and I will someday spend our girl’s day in WDW. I love the restaurant choices and I’ve spent many lovely special occasions hanging out on these grounds. It’s certainly not perfect but it has the subtle overall theme that I enjoy — it feels relaxing, comforting, and is just a bit on the fancy side.

Guys, I am so bad at making these kind of decisions. I’m so glad I’m only doing it for fun + no resorts’ lifespan is being determined by me. (I’m picturing a Beauty and the Beast-like scene were all the townspeople are after the Beast… yet instead of the Beast, they want to attack me!)

So what do you think? If you had to make the choice, which would you Kill, Refurb, or Marry?

Don’t forget to head over to Mouse on the Mind to see Melissa’s picks!

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