It’s Ben Real: Liberty Square Meetings

You never know who you are going to bump into at the Disney Parks.

Case in point: this enthusiastic picture of my family in Liberty Square circa 1999.

Ben Franklin in Liberty Square Magic Kingdom

My mom looks shocked! My sister is thrilled and my dad is even posing? (We can barely get him to smile in photos and he does this for a historical figure?)

Say hello to Ben Franklin, Founding Father / inventor / newspaper editor. Isn’t his hair looking lovely?

Now it wasn’t Fourth of July (this was smack dab in the middle of August) so Ben was just out and about saying hi to all the guests that day. Honestly, I don’t remember this moment at all. I’m deducing that I’m the one taking the picture, but who knows? It could have been a total stranger and I was sitting on a bench reading somewhere. (Kidding! This was probably the only time I could wrangle the camera out of my mom’s hands.)

I haven’t noticed Ben around in any of my other trips (and that’s after going 10 years in a row, at least). Have you? Or does he just make an appearance for special occasions?

(My guess is Ben has a lot more important things to do than hang out with some tourists in Goofy hats! There’s always the Ben Franklin Room at the Liberty Tree Tavern.)

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