It’s “In the Bag”: Spring 2013 Disney Travel Accessories

I decided to make it a little bit of a tradition around here to spotlight a few bag options before I leave for a Disney trip. Even though I’m still happy with my purchases from last time, I still see myself looking and scouting out something that could be better. You never know!

Here are a few current bags that I think provide style, convenience, and can be easily used at home and in the parks. (My favorite kind of investment!)

Ideal Bags for Disney Parks -- look for a bag to bring with you on your Disney trip?

1. Canvas Neon-trim Tote from Gap: Not only does this have classy look but it can hold a ton! Water bottle, park maps, your Mickey ears, in addition to all the essentials. I was very tempted to pick this one up before I left for my trip.

2. Lightning Wallet from Roxy: Best for night time or maybe the Disney Cruise? Holds a phone, chapstick, your room key, and a little bit of cash. I don’t always love lugging around a big bag on my trips so I like to double up my packing and bring something a little smaller and more manageable.

3. Key-Per Crossbody from Fossil: I like that the outer material of this is canvas. It makes it casual and fun for the parks… and also there’s a ton of place to hide all your stuff. The front zipper is great for your room key too! (Plus this design comes in the brightest designs!)

4. Austin Small Flap from Fossil: I can’t get enough of Fossil; I’m dying over their latest merchandise. This bag in particular comes in various colors but I love the stripes! (So nautical!) A good amount of room for maps, essentials, and your phone. I think this bag is also great to transition from day to evening… you always look put together!

How about you? Have you seen anything in the stores lately that would work for a Disney vacation? Or do you have any recommendations based on what you use? Don’t keep the secrets to yourself!

Happy shopping!

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4 thoughts on “It’s “In the Bag”: Spring 2013 Disney Travel Accessories

  1. I need number 4! So cute. They are all cute! I carried the LeSportsac Kasey in one of the Small World prints on our last trip. I loved the smaller pockets on the front so I could easily get to my chapstick, phone or room key.

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