Muppet Monday: My Muppet of a Man

Can I just start off by saying that I am so excited that Estelle asked me to write a Muppet Monday post? I feel like at guest start on The Muppet Show. I know I am no Steve Martin (he was always my favorite) but I hope you enjoy!

One thing I love about my husband, Andrew, is that he always seems to come back with some crazy story when I send him on an errand. Usually it involves something he forgot or heard on talk radio but occasionally he has an out-of-the-ordinary conversation with someone.

He didn’t disappoint when this very thing happened when we were in Walt Disney World in February. He ventured off property to Dick’s Sporting Goods to get something for my wheelchair, while I stayed behind because I avoid going off property at all costs. 🙂

Apparently his Muppet shirt got the cashier’s attention at the store. They chatted for a bit and then she dropped a bomb: “I hated the newest movie.” Seriously? He tells her that he actually really liked it. (I can attest to that; he can quote that movie from beginning to end.) It doesn’t get any better when she tells him, “Well I didn’t like that the old Muppets weren’t in it until halfway through. It was just about some weird guy and some new weird Muppet.”

(At this point in Andrew’s story we were both chuckling over her obvious lack of taste. I mean, come on, Jason Segel is awesome and how can anyone not love Walter?!)

The best part was Andrew’s final comment: “If she was trying to flirt with me, she was doing it wrong.”

And that my friends is another reason to love him — he is certainly Muppet of a man.

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