Muppet Monday: MuppetVision on the Outside

I’m baaack! Greetings all! I have returned from our crazy road trip to Florida and back!

Hard to believe a week ago, I was spending an actual Muppet Monday in Disney’s Hollywood Studios watching MuppetVision 3D and soaking up all the zany goodness. I am so happy to report that we actually had to wait in line to get in and the pre-show area was jam packed with people! It really warmed my heart to hear so many people laughing at that awesome pre-show because there have been so many times it’s only been me and a few stragglers hanging out to watch the show.

(We actually had to move all the way down the row when we walked into the theater!)

So today as a salute to MuppetVision, I thought I’d share some goodies I’ve discovered before you even enter the pre-show area. Even though the attraction is over 20 years old (it opened in 1991), I still think it’s one of the better themed areas in all of the Disney Parks. Even after all these years of visiting, I always discover something to see and it’s not just limited to inside the building either. That’s the best part, I say! (You definitely can’t say that about every attraction you step into.)

Let’s begin!

MuppetVision 3D - Outside 1

In true Muppet fashion, Miss Piggy takes centerstage in this Muppet landmark. I never tire of this sight. All the Muppets hanging out and filming some kind of zany movie. If you’re lucky you can get it all to yourself in the early hours or before closing, but in the middle of the day — it’s a hot spot because it is cool! Nice place to find a little splash.

MuppetVision 3D - Outside 2

The queue for MuppetVision is actually quite huge… it wraps around the entire “Muppet Lab” building. I don’t remember spotting this little guy before (and who knows what else is around the corner… an adventure for next time). Such a simple touch but oh-so Muppet. (Or should I say Gonzo-esque?)

Here’s another one that James caught:

MuppetVision 3D - Outside 3

Someone’s always watching you! (This is where the strollers are housed… so parents should feel good about that. Right?)

Ever notice the “sweet planters” around the brick framing of MuppetVision?

MuppetVision 3D - Outside 4

Who’s the monster that finished that?!

There’s also a little bit of danger for those of you who like to walk on the wild side:

MuppetVision 3D - Outside 5

See? Even before you catch the REAL attraction, there is so much to see at MuppetVision. Even if there are a lot of signs like this:

MuppetVision - Outside

Aren’t they so welcoming?

Here’s to a fantastic Muppet Monday friends! And oh yeah, Happy April!

(Although I’m not fooling with this post. It’s real!)

5 thoughts on “Muppet Monday: MuppetVision on the Outside

  1. Great to have u back and a new Muppet Monday. Missed THP Blogs. Cant wait for more Disney info!!!!!!!!!

    Be reading Dad

  2. That is by far my favorite area of the studios! There are so many fun little details. The alley down the side of the building has some great things as well, but it’s usually closed because their generally isn’t a long line.

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