Muppet Monday: Inner MuppetVision

Happy Muppet Monday!

Today we’re going to get one step closer into MuppetVision at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. I love this! There is so much to see in this Muppet section of the park before you even get to the main entree! (If you remember, last week I chatted about all the fun to find before you even reach the queue.)

Over the years, I have taken dozens and dozens of pictures of the MuppetVision queue. I can’t help it. I am always seeing something new, and that’s just what makes it so great — even if nothing is changed (I’m not sure how often things are juggled around), a new detail or two will indeed pop out to you. There’s no way you can see everything during one stop. (Especially when there’s a crowd gearing up to get into the attraction… like this last time.)

I love how the queue spotlights the Muppet movies, the creation of the MuppetVision 3D film too, and the vast personalities of the Muppet crew too.

MuppetVision3D - Inside 1 2013

My fav: Gonzo’s really weird stuff.

MuppetVision 3D - Inside 2 2013

Does it surprise you that Miss Piggy has the most baggage? (This wasn’t even all of it!)

MuppetVision 3D - Inside 3 2013

I can’t be the only person bending all over the place to read these crates, right? Love the banana peel mention (there’s a lot of that around these parts).

Just about positive I’ve never seen this rainbow canvas before…

MuppetVision 3D - Inside 4 2013

And then I had the song stuck in my head… of course!

Although, the most mysterious of them all and regularly reported by Studios Central, this flashy mirror. What could it be? (Is it for next gen enjoyment? We shall see…)

MuppetVision 3D - Inside 6 2013

Be careful! It’s fragile!

As you can see, a ton of love and care was put into the home of MuppetVision. It’s part of the reason why it feels so fresh every time you visit it, I think. (There’s also that familiar moment that regular visitors feel… wait is that new? I know that’s new! Maybe it’s not..?) For the seasoned fan or even the newbies, there’s always something to smile or laugh about in this space. It truly embodies what the Muppets are all about.

Wishing you a Muppety week!

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2 thoughts on “Muppet Monday: Inner MuppetVision

  1. One detail I used to enjoy has long since been removed. In the upper right of your first photo is a face made out of dials and other electrical stuff. At the bottom of that face used to be a scrolling message sign. It would tell how many minutes until the next show, but it would also have absolutely hilarious messages that had my family rolling with laughter. I imagine when they took it out they thought that no one was reading it, because it was going on at the same time as the pre-show videos. But we loved it.

  2. This simply may be my favorite queue. I do love Everest and Kali, but this one is sooooooo much fun it might even better than the attraction and I love that too

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