Dancing + Dining at Restaurant Marrakesh

I’ve never been a person who was afraid to try new food. But I can’t figure out why, as a kid, I never visited Restaurant Marrakesh at Epcot’s Moroccan pavilion with my family. Maybe it was the belly dancers? I’m not sure. (Mom? Dad?)

But Epcot’s World Showcase is all about embracing different cultures and I was glad when James and I finally gave up a spot for an old favorite (most likely, La Hacienda) on our food card and ventured into new territory with a reservation at Marrakesh.

Right off the bat, the restaurant’s details are so beautiful and intricate — the tiles, the lightning, the arches featured in the middle of the eatery are so fantastic. I couldn’t stop looking around.

Restaurant Marrakesh in Morocco Interior

The Moroccan atmosphere becomes even more authentic with music from a two-man band, as well as a belly dancer. I was a little nervous about this but it wasn’t quite as sexy as it could have been. This particular woman moved well with the music, and was great at engaging the guests. Towards the end she gathered some of the younger kids around and they all danced together in the center of the room. It was very sweet. (And I was also glad to see this dancer was not a tooth pick… yay a lady of normal size! She also got to change her costume between sets… we saw her twice.)

Restaurant Marrakesh in Morocco Interior

Now, on to the food!

Restaurant Marrakesh in Morocco Menu

I loved the little note on the back of the menu. I haven’t seen that at any of the other pavilions. It was nice to get a little story and see how great Morocco’s relationship with the United States was. (Let me know if you’ve seen this at the other restaurants, for sure!)

For drinks, James tried the Casa Beer. He said it was like any other light beer, crisp and refreshing and went well with his meal. I went for the Casablanca Sunset, which was very good too. (A nice change from my constant beer drinking.)

Restaurant Marrakesh in Morocco Drinks

For an appetizer, we went with the combination plate — which included beef brawat rolls, chicken bastilla, and jasmina salad. Oh my, oh my. This was so enjoyable because the beef rolls and the chicken bastilla are wrapped in a pastry covered in cinnamon and sugar. It was like having dessert pre-dinner. So delicious and tasty. The salad was really refreshing for the plate too. (I love feta cheese so I was in heaven.)

Restaurant Marrakesh in Morocco Appetizer

I could have licked that plate clean, and we basically did because our meals followed pretty close afterward.

After making the tough choice, James decided to order Beef Couscous and I got the Shish Kebab.

Restaurant Marrakesh in Morocco Main Course

James found his Beef Couscous to be delicious but very filling. I absolutely annihilated my Shish Kebab. The meat was extremely tender and the veggies were great. You will be happy to know that I was very good and cleaned my plate, while James actually took half of his to go.

I think we did learn a lesson here. Originally I was going to go for a couscous meal as well, but in the future, we might share a meal and get the appetizer. Because, sadly, after all of this lovely food and Moroccan atmosphere, we were too stuffed to try any of the dessert as much as we wanted to.

Restaurant Marrakesh provided an awesome spot for dinner. We never felt rushed by the staff; everyone was very nice. Our food was delicious and there were plenty of other items we would try on a repeat visit. Plus I think the money was really worth the price. James’ dish was good enough for at least two meals, and the combination appetizer could have fed more than two people as well. I loved the entertainment — live music is a major thumbs up from me.

It was nice to have a unique and new experience in Epcot’s World Showcase! I do hope more people seek out Marrakesh and give it a try.

And oh, here’s a bonus picture BEFORE our amazing dinner. Fittingly enough, we had drink with Sarah from the wonderful Eating WDW before our meal:

Hanging out with Sarah from Eating WDW

For more info: Restaurant Marrakesh on WDW’s website | Current menu

8 thoughts on “Dancing + Dining at Restaurant Marrakesh

  1. Nice! I will have to check that out. I’m trying to make an effort to spend more time in the countries when I go. It’s my favorite park, but I seem to have missed a lot of fun stuff!

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