Muppet Monday: The Muppets Take Animal Kingdom

Muppet Monday Animal Kingdom with Animal the Muppet

Happy Muppet Monday + Happy Birthday, Animal Kingdom!

A wonderful day, for sure. But a sad moment when I realized the Muppets have yet to visit Animal Kingdom. During their special The Muppets at Disney World, they hung out in all three parks and, of course, can be seen daily (many times a day, actually) in their 3D movie at Hollywood Studios.

I have a very strong theory that the Muppets would LOVE Animal Kingdom. I mean, how could they not?

Kermit would feel right at home with all the greenery in Animal Kingdom. (There are also a few swamps, and who knows, maybe a few of his family members hang out over there.) I think it would be so easy to introduce a little Muppet culture into Animal Kingdom by capitalizing on Kermit being a frog! (Conservation Station would be the perfect setting for that, don’t you think?)

→ Apart from being named for him, Animal would love to spend all day in Africa — beating the drums of Harambe. He may actually steal the opportunities from the kids (at first at least) but he’s the best darn drummer we know… I can only imagine the crazy sounds soon to surround Africa. (Hopefully he doesn’t go chasing after the ladies though.)

→ While Fozzie might be a better fit for the corny jokes on the Jungle Cruise, he might do a bang-up job on the Safari. (As long as he has a partner because I’m not sure if Fozzie will remember all the facts about the wildlife on the savannah.)

Flights of Wonder always makes me think about Sam the Eagle. Of course, because he’s a bird (not that we have seen him fly) but because of the very special moment at the end of the show. I’m sure he would also have something to say about tour groups losing their guide being “un-American” too.

→ I’m sure the cast of Finding Nemo the Musical wouldn’t notice another character hanging around. How about Pepe the King Prawn? He’s tiny enough that he won’t disrupt the show, and he might try to romance some of his fellow actors. It could work!

→ Since Gonzo is just sort of weird, we’ve decided he could probably be comfortable just about anywhere.

→ The Electric Mayhem Band would rock the afternoon parade because they created the word JAMMIN.

→ What about those snarky buddies: Waldorf and Statler? Well, they are comfortable at home, tweeting up a storm. “A half-day park? Yea! A half day too long!” (All the more reason to hate them.)

(If you are wondering where Miss Piggy fits in, I decided to let her have a day at the spa. I’m not sure Animal Kingdom would be her cup of tea. They might capture her and put her in the petting zoo!)

See? The Muppets would bring a lot to Animal Kingdom. What do you think? Am I on to something?

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