Muppet Monday: Stage 1 Store at Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Studios Week: celebrating Disney's Hollywood Studios with Disney on Wheels blog for the week leading up to the theme park's birthday!

Welcome to Hollywood Studios Week! This week, Disney on Wheels Blog and I will be sharing posts and pictures all pertaining to the park that celebrates the magic of  movies, television and theater! Why? Because Hollywood Studios turns 24 years old on Wednesday, May 1 and we just had to throw some kind of a party! Thanks for following along!

It was shocking to me that in all my years of visiting Stage 1 Store in Hollywood Studios, that my most recent trip would be so different.

Stage 1 Store Hollywood Studios Electric Mayhem

When so little changes around the Muppet area of Disney’s Hollywood Studios in 24 years, and then in the 16 years I’ve been visiting the parks, sometimes Stage 1 Store is my only hope. New merchandise? New decor? I wish on every shooting star (and then some) before I enter in hopes of newness! And well, this spring, we got it. (Just not in a way we thought.)

Stage 1 Store Hollywood Studios Front of the Store

The cast member must have noticed how slowly James and I were walking around the store (and not because of mischief! I swear!) and how we were studying everything so intently. He offered us (drum roll please) a scavenger hunt!

I don’t want to share the whole thing on This Happy Place Blog because I want you to ask about it on your next trip to Stage 1 but some of the questions really made me see the store and the details in there in a new light. Who knew there was so much Muppet goodness crammed into one spot? (I think it helps when the cast members working at the store are also Muppet fanatics because a few of them had some fun facts of their own.)

If you look around carefully, there are references to The Muppet Movie, The Great Muppet Caper, and The Muppets Take Manhattan, and Muppet Treasure Island. While much of one side is dedicated to the Happiness Hotel (oh that dreamboat of a place), there are a ton of nonsensical signs too. And even though Muppet merchandise only fills one side, there is further decor dedicated to the franchise  all over the store. (I swear!)

Stage 1 Store Hollywood Studios Muppet Lockers

Can you match the Muppet with the appropriate locker?

Stage 1 Store Hollywood Studios No Pepper Games

What does this even mean?!

Stage 1 Store Hollywood Studios Rules of Showbiz

Oh the life lessons we learn…

Stage 1 Store Hollywood Studios No Visitors

With friends like these, how can you NOT return?

But seriously, the next change you have to stop in Stage 1 Store (no matter what the signs say), take nothing for granted!! Look up up, down, sideways, and all around because you never know what kind of Muppet footprint is hanging around.

Stage 1 Store Hollywood Studios Directors Chair

Quite literally.

Thanks to that extra special cast member for making our day at Hollywood Studios so wonderful! It’s definitely been dubbed one of the top moments of our recent trip.

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