The Return to the Tune-in Lounge

Hollywood Studios Week: celebrating Disney's Hollywood Studios with Disney on Wheels blog for the week leading up to the theme park's birthday!

Oh hey! Welcome back for Day 2 of Hollywood Studios Week with me and Melissa from Disney on Wheels! We’re celebrating the upcoming birthday of the park with a look at some of our favorite moments, attractions, and food from our time spent there! Enjoy!

Confession: My family and I went to 50’s Prime Time Cafe in Disney’s MGM Studios back in 1997 and never returned. This picture is proof of our time spent there:

Tune In Lounge MGM Studios 1997

If you’re not familiar, 50s Prime Time Restaurant is an eatery that boasts of mom’s home cooking and lots of laughs — usually at the expense of the guests. Once you walk into the living room / waiting area, you are transported back to the 50s where mom knew best, you asked permission before leaving the table, you elbows stayed in your lap, and you finished your entire meal. If you didn’t? Well, there were prices to be paid.

My sister was very young when we first made the trek to Walt Disney World; she was very quiet and super sensitive about people looking at her and making fun of her. This is exactly why we didn’t have the best meal. Our waitress must have been very skilled at her role because we were scared off and never returned.

Until March of 2013. Cue the confetti!

Tune-in Lounge Disney Hollywood Studios 2013 - 1

No glasses, a husband, the same wallpaper, and now I’m old enough (ahem quite old enough) to have a drink!

So we didn’t exactly get reservations at the 50’s Prime Time Cafe but it was nice to take a break from Hollywood Studios and relax at the bar with a nice bartender and some other guests from Boston! (Isn’t it nice when other guests feel like chatting with strangers? I’ve really grown to like that about Disney World.)

One thing that really struck me here is just HOW many adults are repeat visitors to the parks. The lovely people we sat next to knew our bartender pretty well (and it’s not like they were locals). It really solidifies this sense of community that being a Disney goer can create if you let it. It’s cozy and really nice.

Tune-in Lounge Disney Hollywood Studios 2013: The bar is filled with vintage, working television sets.

Back to the important stuff! The bar! I love how it neatly displays some vintage looking televisions, featuring separate TV episodes with Judy Garland and Dick Van Dyke.

James and I were hungry for a little snack so we decided to share “A Samplin’ of Mom’s Favorite Recipes” which included fried chicken, pot roast, meat loaf and some mashed potatoes. Man, did that hit the spot!

Tune-in Lounge Disney Hollywood Studios 2013 - Moms Favorite Recipes

(Even if we ate in the dining room, we wouldn’t have gotten yelled at — we practically licked our plate clean!)

Two rounds of drinks later, we decided it was time to call it a day. Or an afternoon. We still had plenty of daylight to kill in the park, even if it would have been nice to hang out in that paneled bar forever.

Tune-in Lounge Disney Hollywood Studios 2013 - 3

While I’m still not sure if I’m prepared for the theatrics of 50’s Prime Time once again (seriously, will I ever get over that?), I love that we finally made the time to check out the Tune-in Lounge after hearing so many wonderful things from the Disney community. I can almost guarantee this will be a must-stop on our next trip! (And all the ones before that…)

Tune-in Lounge Disney Hollywood Studios 2013

6 thoughts on “The Return to the Tune-in Lounge

  1. I absolutely ADORE the Tune-In Lounge! It’s a great place to cool off, catch some old TV clips, have an adult beverage, and (if you’re hungry) have a restaurant-quality meal!

    The bartenders there are some of the best in a Disney Park (next to Cava Del Tequila and the Rose and Crown; tied with Dawa Bar) and the people are great!

  2. totally agree about the boardwalk, my favorite disney place to stay. disagree about animal kingdom. only about four hours and i’m outta there.

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