Fraggle Friday: Celebrating the Big 3-0

Happy Friday, friends!

Every Monday here at This Happy Place, there is a Muppet celebration and today, on this special Friday, it’s all about the Fraggles. Created by Jim Henson, Fraggle Rock was a show I watched quite a bit as a kid and this year — can you believe it — Fraggle Rock is celebrating its 30th anniversary!

Here in NYC’s well-known toy store, F.A.O. Schwarz, the Fraggles are getting their chance in the spotlight with displays, some memorabilia, and merchandise. I had a chance to check it out a few weekends ago, and I’m going to share all the details with you today.

Fraggle Rock 30 Years FAO Schwartz 1

You couldn’t miss these once you walk into the store. (Hopefully greeted by a friendly soldier!)

Fraggle Rock 30 Years FAO Schwarz

From left to right: Gobo and Boober + Red and Wembley. Four stars (and pals!) donned these towers. You could walk the stairs to the top for a nice view of the entire store. (And better photo opportunities.)

Then, the merchandise. Plush, DVD sets of the Fraggle Rock seasons, puppets, t-shirts, and some badly made beanie babies. (I didn’t take a photo of them.) Great added touch of actual episodes playing!

Fraggle Rock 30 Years FAO Schwarz 3

I loved the Red puppet so much. She used to be my favorite character from the show (the pom-pom pigtails?), and I even scored a t-shirt with her face on it at the Stage One Store in Hollywood Studios, when they used to carry Fraggle merchandise. I would have loved to see magnets or postcards, or one item not totally geared toward kids in this section. Not every big kid has room for another stuffed animal in their tiny apartment! (Although I think my cat would have liked one of these guys too.)

It was great to see some displays detailing all the creativity and thought that went into the production of the show too. I’m not sure how many guests noticed them (we may have been hogging them) but it was still nice to see something more than merchandise celebrating this occasion.

Fraggle Rock 30 Years FAO Schwarz

Gobo + his getup… along with notes about how to create this custom for the character.

I’ve always thought Fraggle Rock had one of the catchiest theme songs ever. Even though I was never obsessed with the show, I could never forget the song. (And the clapping!) It’s no surprise that another Jim Henson creation was known so widely for its music. It’s one of the Hensonย touchstones, for sure. This display featured props used in some of the musical numbers during Fraggle Rock.

Fraggle Rock 30 Years FAO Schwarz

How can we forget about those little Doozers? Did you know they were audio-animatronics?

Fraggle Rock 30th Anniversary FAO Schwarz

Aren’t they the cutest? I love their work ethic.


I’m so glad there was a little bit of Fraggle Rock history to explore right in my own backyard. If you are interested in what else the Henson Company is doing to ring in 3-0, be sure to follow their official anniversary website:

Is it time to sing the theme song yet?

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One thought on “Fraggle Friday: Celebrating the Big 3-0

  1. Fraggle Rock was one of the most imaginative and wonderful shows to ever hit television! So much creativity, talent and innovation went into bringing that world to life! I loved the way many episodes would show you how a certain theme or event would be interpreted differently by the show’s four different cultures: Human, Fraggle, Gorg and Doozer. It was all about sharing the planet, respecting the inter-connectedness of everything and celebrating our differences–but it never hit viewers over the head with the messages; The emphasis was always on great stories and character moments.

    Thank you so much for posting this!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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