Muppet Monday: Kermit’s Mistake

Even the routine of The Muppet Show needed a little shakeup now and then!

During Season 2, Episode 8, the ever responsible Kermit the Frog admits he misread his calendar and it’s actually audition night. Not time for a true episode of the show. Guest star (a very young) Steve Martin is pretty peeved about this. (Can you imagine anyone more suited for this guest starring responsibility than Steve Martin even back in 1977?)

steve martin, the muppet show
Photo property of The Muppets. | Source

But “the audience” is left to watch several auditions including Martin vying for some laughs.

Did you notice there isn’t a laugh track in any of these scenes? I hadn’t the first time I watched it. But all the laughter is actually from the puppeteers performing the show. A great little detail, for sure! It’s also a nice way to see our Muppet friends acting naturally, right? No musical numbers! No acted skits! Just their “normal” selves. Who knew Floyd Pepper laughed so much?

Anyone else think Mary Louise and Friend is a little weird? And what about Fozzie? Still insecure he’s going to lose his spot on the show if Kermit manages to find new talent. When will he ever learn… it’s not The Muppet Show without the goofy sidekick?!

One thing is for sure… I will never look at balloon animals again.

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