New Sights at Times Square’s Disney Store

I’m always going to miss the large and in charge Disney Store on 55th and 5th Avenue in New York City.

It was close to my work, had a nice bathroom, and the top floor had a great collection of Disney art. Fun for even the big kids. I still walk by that building and wish it back (it’s still empty) but, at least, if I want to go head to head with the crowds in Times Square, I can head over to its new location.

Since it opened in 2010, the two-floor story has gone through a few changes here and there. But in the last few weeks, the story has actually been closed to complete the most recent renovations. (This was really surprising to me. Before this stage, they were cramming all the merchandise on one floor whileย simultaneouslyย working on the other.)

Because my parents always like to visit the store when they visit us at our apartment, it was nice to check out all the improvements on Mother’s Day. (So fitting because my mom enjoyed chatting it up with all the cast members.)

Final verdict? I really, really like the detailing. It seems more more NYC-centric and that’s wonderful.

Here are some of my favorite details:

Disney Store Times Square May 2013

A little MICKEY in Broadway lights + I spy a RALPH!

I love all the detailing to the border of the store. They added so many more characters than they had before! It’s fun to walk around and look at them. (And try not to hurt yourself while people are shopping.)

Disney Store Times Square May 2013

This might not be the prettiest addition but it was necessary. A little crowd control never hurt and it’s so much easier to figure out HOW to get in line at the store now. (In the past, it was always a big mess. Plus they have more space for merchandise!)

Disney Store Times Square May 2013

Perhaps my absolute favorite detail of the new design? These awesome canvas print designs that pay homage to NYC!

Disney Store Times Square May 2013

Let’s head upstairs…

Disney Store Times Square May 2013

The actual top floor of the store doesn’t look all that much different. But the decor on the way certainly has some added charm with lanterns from Tangled and some nice, wood silhouettes of Disney characters as you walk up the escalators. They are camouflaged a bit so you have to keep your eyes peeled!

Disney Store Times Square May 2013

And back down the stairs we go. Seriously! Nothing to see up there. Except well, they have some pretty cool adult merchandise right now. (For once!) And some cute projections up on the walls that you could stare at for hours. (At least according to James.)

Disney Store Times Square May 2013

How cute is this?

Back downstairs, the centerpiece of the story has switched from a moving Ferris Wheel to that classic couple: Mickey and Minnie. The likeness is reminiscent to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day balloons.

I really, really liked this change.

Disney Store Times Square May 2013

It really made the space seem more open on this floor. (And made more sense for a NYC store too!)

If you must leave the store (which I guess we all have to do sometime), there’s nothing like a little motivational quote!

Disney Store Times Square May 2013

Hope you enjoyed this little tour of The Disney Store in Times Square and got a better taste of the new happenings around here!

2 thoughts on “New Sights at Times Square’s Disney Store

  1. The most interesting change each time the store is renovated is how they change the entry way. When the store first opened, there were two sets of double doors. It seemed like a good option for keeping out the cold wind. Later, they put in a revolving door. Naturally, the non-revolving door right next to it let all of the outside wind in (and kinda defeated the purpose of the revolving door). Now, there’s a single set of double doors. It really opens up the first floor with a lot more space but we’ll just have to wait and see how it fairs in the cold!

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