Posing with Pals: Top 5 Disney World Character Spots

During our early trips to Walt Disney World, I only took pictures with the characters because:

a) my sister was younger than me
b) my mom forced us to make memories (ahem)
c) I started later and hadn’t met them before!

So once my sister got too cool for them and my mom preferred to take pictures of us in front of landmarks, we ditched the character sessions. No more breakfasts, no more long lines with people cutting and characters taking a break when we were next up. (My mom hated that.)

I was fine with it.

Surprisingly, my husband was the one who got the party started again. When we went on our first trip together in 2008, he wanted to meet Mickey Mouse and he wanted to go to a character breakfast. (I scrambled to find out and we ended up having a lot of fun at the Cape May Cafe.) So now it’s sort of become our thing. Yet again. Getting in line to “meet” characters and being the only two people without kids at a character breakfast.

So today I’m teaming up with Melissa of Mouse on the Mind to share my Top 5 Disney Character Spots in Walt Disney World!

1. Dug and Russel from Pixar’s UP at Animal Kingdom

Russell and Dug Meet and Greet in Animal Kingdom

These two are just too cute for words. Dug and Russell hang out in front of It’s Tough to Be A Bug at Animal Kingdom, and in March, James and I had a great time hanging out with them for a few minutes. Russell let me look at all of his Wilderness patches and Dug, well, he was just pretty friendly for a dog pal. I loved their themed space, too!

2. Pete’s Silly Sideshow at Magic Kingdom

Pete's Silly Sideshow Magic Kingdom Donald and Goofy

Melissa was actually the one who inspired me to stand in line to meet these characters. She got a great shot with the Great Goofini and I was incredibly jealous. Again, the theming inside the big top is great and these characters seem to have a lot of fun with you. We only met The Great Goofini and Donaldo (James isn’t a fan of Minnie Mouse) but it was certainly a favorite moment from our trip!

3. Tiana at Magic Kingdom

I wish I had a picture to share with you of this moment but the darling cast member (who has a PhotoPass JOB) did not know how to use my iPhone and instead of ASKING US how to, took a picture of a bright white light and not US with Tiana. It was really a shame because we had a great interaction with her. She asked us about our marriage and who cooked and she was telling me all the things I need to bake for James. Such a sweetheart and so good at her character! The next time I meet her I will not be entrusting my camera with the cast member there. So so sad.

4. Woody and Buzz at Hollywood Studios

Meeting Buzz and Woody at Hollywood Studios

My best friend and I had the best time when we met Woody and Buzz for the first time in 2010. THEY HELD OUR HANDS. We felt like they were our boyfriends! (But then they went and took pictures with more people after that!) In all seriousness, another great area with a lot to stare out when you are waiting in line. When you get to these famous dudes, it’s like you were shrunk to the size of toys too! So much fun.

5. Donald Duck at the Mexican Pavilion in Epcot

Ole! I absolutely love to take pictures with Donald Duck because he’s always just a little bit of a jokester or a flirt. In Mexico, he’s dressed up in his sombrero and just oh-so cute. When the line isn’t snaking around the side (I guess you can wait with a margarita), it’s a must-meet for us! (Why don’t they have more of the classic characters in costumes from around the world?)

Update: I just realized James and I have not done this. WHAT?

Writing this list makes me feel really happy. (This is good; I needed it.) I can’t wait to hear about your own character experiences so be sure to tell me below! What are your favorite spots to meet your Disney friends? Are you nervous around the face characters too? (I am trying to get better!)

5 thoughts on “Posing with Pals: Top 5 Disney World Character Spots

  1. My favorite spot is the Garden Grill. They’re always so goofy there! Chip tried to frame me for spilling pepper on the table (which he did to an impressive percussive beat)! He then tied Pluto’s tail together, which Pluto had to chase in a circle. I scratched Pluto’s ears and made it all better though. So much fun!

  2. I love this! My favorite is always to go see who’s at The Art of Animation area.

    Most of the time the lines for characters are super long and I feel silly waiting that long if I’m not with my nieces.

    My mom still thinks its funny that I didn’t become a fan of taking pictures with the characters until I became an adult. When I was a CP, I started the game “See how many character photos you can get” and it continues to this day. I’ve added the “get as many pictures with Mickey/ Minnie in different costumes”, too. God, I’m such a weirdo.

  3. Ha! This looks like so much fun!!! I can’t wait until the baby bettys are old enough to go– I think ages 4 and 6 would be a blast! It will be interesting to see how they respond to the characters! Either total fun or total fear! 🙂 I love how much you love Disney– you have so many great memories!!

  4. I have to admit I am not a big character meet and greet kind of guy. Having said that I absolutely loved meeting Russell and Dug. They are my faves

    My kids had a great meet and greet with Baloo and Louie recently so they are second

    And Daisy kissed me once……

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