Extra Magic Hours: Early AM in Magic Kingdom

It’s May 24th + the day of the All-Nighter Party happening at Disney theme parks on both coasts!

To those of you down there, I salute you. I’m really not so sure I would be able to pull off 24 hours in a Disney theme park. (I told Melissa from Mouse on the Mind, I might prefer to spend 24 hours in a swimming pool and she thinks I wouldn’t might make it out of that situation with any skin left. What do you think?)

I’ll be curious to hear how the event goes this time around in the parks, while I am enjoying a lovely Friday at home, getting an adequate amount of sleep.

This exercise in Extra Extra Extra Magic Hours reminds me of our March trip, where we utilized Early Magic Hours as best we could. (In case you didn’t know, EMH set for a different park each day and you must be a resort guest to check into the park early.) It was kind of crazy to wake up earlier than I do for work, and ride along on a Disney bus without even a cup of coffee. (This would not happen anywhere else.) This was also our first day sleeping off our all-nighter road trip but we just had to make use of our time in the parks!

Even though I complained and hated waking up at the crack of dawn, it was so worth it since the crowds were out of control in the afternoons. But if you look at my pictures, it’s almost like we spent the night in the park because the sun wasn’t out when we arrived and all the nighttime lights are still on. (It’s also pretty empty.)

Early Magic Hours Magic Kingdom March 2013 - 1
The calm before the storm.

Early Magic Hours Magic Kingdom March 2013 with Marie from the Aristocats - 1

Hot tip: GREAT TIME to get pictures with some characters if any of them have set their alarms. Marie was already looking her best, and because I know how much the Disney Hipsters and Sarah from Running at Disney love her… we had to say hello!

Early Magic Hours Magic Kingdom March 2013
I think we’re alone now…

This is never an easy shot to get once the crowds pack into the park…

Early Magic Hours Magic Kingdom March 2013

Good news, people! There were no lines for the chocolate croissants at Gaston’s Tavern either…

Early Magic Hours Magic Kingdom March 2013:  New Fantasyland

This was kind of like the dream version of the All-Nighter because a) I got my beauty rest and b) there were absolutely no crowds for a few hours. (I regretted my tweet about being the only people in the park that day because it all went downhill from there… remember the tornado warning?)

Maybe this is the closest I’ll get to hanging out in the parks from pre-dawn to nighttime. (We returned after our Artist Point meal for the extra night hours.) But I’m totally okay with that. Less money spent on caffeine and sugar? Score! A little more sweet dreams? Never a bad thing.

Hope all of you braving the parks today have a blast! I can’t wait to follow along!

2 thoughts on “Extra Magic Hours: Early AM in Magic Kingdom

  1. Husband and I just got back from WDW on Sunday (short 3-day extravaganza). I’ve sort of been reborn into fandom that left me when I became too cool (12 or 13 yrs) and my parents always hated Disney because they didn’t think there was anywhere to drink (they only took us to MK once.. hello, parents?! EPCOT!!!). Since I got married to my husband (and subsequently, his nutty Disney parents), we’ve been to WDW three times and on one Disney cruise (another scheduled, along with a park visit, for early 2014).

    So I’m learning that there is a LOT to learn. One thing I THINK I learned from this last trip is that EMH aren’t always that awesome. Friday was EMH at Epcot (till 11p) — and MK was just open till 1am, which I guess isn’t really EMH but it sort of felt like it was to me (since we have no kids and we get to make our own decisions like staying at the MK till 1am. YES adulthood!). But both were kind of bummers. Epcot really shut down. I had visions of walking around enjoying little bites from the Itn’l Flower and Garden booths, walking around the world and having beverages. Most things were closed.

    And then at MK — holy shit. It was just… a hot mess. SO MANY PEOPLE (is this a rule that I missed? Never go to MK on a Saturday? Kind of obvious, I guess!). We didn’t see Wishes or either parade because the mob of people was SO insane. Insane. Crazy.

    I think we learned that we are DEFINITELY morning Disney people — we got up early and ran from ride to ride to get all of the busy ones done, then spent the daytime being lazy and sitting in the bars and hitting the shops (and the rides with the smallest lines). I will definitely look for EMH for the mornings the next time we go (though with the Colorado time change, we didn’t make it to a single rope drop — barely missed at HS). I think they had one at Animal Kingdom, but we skipped that park this time around (to make it more exciting for the next trip).

    Thoughts on this? Timing? I get SERIOUSLY Disney cranky (might be an understatement… emotional meltdown) with the combo of mobs and heat like last Saturday at MK (if only we could have snuck into Be Our Guest for a couple of beers!!).

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