TheatEAR Newsflash: A New Little Mermaid at Paper Mill

When I was in kindergarten, one of the first theatre experiences was at the Paper Mill Playhouse in Millburn, N.J. Years and years later, I was thrilled to see the dress rehearsal of the pre-Broadway Newsies the Musical. Starting tomorrow, Paper Mill Playhouse will be Disney-fied again with a new production of The Little Mermaid.

While the show ran on Broadway for less than two years, it never reached the kind of acclaim a musical with the Disney name attached to it would be expected to obtain. I’m glad to see that this new production with reworked script, orchestrations, and structure will be making its first splash at Paper Mill.

Producing Artistic Director Mark Hoebee: “Apparently, the team at Disney felt that the show, while it was successful on Broadway, could be even better.  This new and improved show will take to road after its premier run at the Paper Mill, with performances including Pittsburgh and Kansas City.”

Ursula the Sea Witch and King Triton will also have some new songs by composer Alan Menken and lyricist Glenn Slater.

I never had a chance to see the original version of The Little Mermaid on Broadway so it’s nice to have the opportunity to experience it for the first time in our tri-state area. Paper Mill is a great venue!

Nick Adams and Jessica Grove in The Little Mermaid at Paper Mill Playhouse
Nick Adams and Jessica Grove in The Little Mermaid at Paper Mill Playhouse as Prince Eric and Ariel.

It’s interesting to see that the unique use of heelys in the original Broadway version of the show seem to have been given the boot. There’s no mention of them in any of the press or in this video from on how the characters will swim across the stage:

…I’m doubting the use of the heelys even more. It certainly is a re-imagined production, isn’t it?

Hear some of your favorite TLM songs in action + a few of the newer ones from the musical:

For more information about tickets for The Little Mermaid at Paper Mill Playhouse, check out their website. The Little Mermaid will run from May 29 – June 30.

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2 thoughts on “TheatEAR Newsflash: A New Little Mermaid at Paper Mill

  1. I always thought it was a shame that TLM never really took off. I never got a chance to see it, but I really enjoyed the music. I find myself humming Beyond My Wildest Dreams all the time and If Only is a really beautiful quartet. I’ve heard rumors of a tour, so I hope this new version makes it to Cleveland.

  2. As I mentioned on twitter, I think this would be an excellent meetup for people in the area. Selfishly, I would appreciate a meet up of Disney dorks since I’d like to go to this but probably wouldn’t be up for going alone.

    Ps- I had (and probably still have) a pair of adult Heelys. If there is a meetup, I may be convinced to bring/wear them.

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