Muppet Monday: KJ’s Miss Piggy Corner

Big thanks to KJ Simpson from Plus the Magic for stopping over today with this awesome Muppet Monday!

The year was 1980. I shared a tiny — and I mean tiny — bedroom with my sister, in a basement apartment in Yonkers, NY. We had bunk beds, because there wasn’t enough floor space for two separate beds. Three people could not fit comfortably in this room at the same time. Despite the minuscule size of the bedroom, I carved out space for Miss Piggy. The Miss Piggy Corner was tucked in the back of the room, atop a vanity table that was a relic from my mother’s teenage years.

Miss Piggy Corner

I would use my allowance to procure whatever Miss Piggy memorabilia I could get my hands on. There were Miss Piggy dolls, Miss Piggy puzzles, calendars, portraits, several Muppets books, and a Miss Piggy wristwatch (sadly not waterproof, which I found out the hard way at the Jersey Shore that year). But the pièce de résistance? The Miss Piggy Paper Doll set.

Miss Piggy Paper Doll Set

The back of the packaging was designed to look like a big steamer trunk, with stickers from Miss Piggy’s globetrotting adventures…

Miss Piggy Paper Doll Set Colorforms Trunk

Inside was everything she’d need on her travels. The base of the set was Miss Piggy herself, posed elegantly in classic silk undergarments. Included were six stunning outfits, along with extras like wigs, shoes, and hats.

Miss Piggy Colorform Paper Doll Set -- Lingerie

I’d pore over these endlessly, changing my mind daily on which was my favorite. Hollywood Glam? Fifties sock hop? Bride? How about some corn rows?

Miss Piggy Colorform Set Paper Doll Outfits

Ah, but the one that appealed to me most back then — and still does today: Futuristic roller girl…

Miss Piggy Paper Doll Set Futuristic Roller Girl

As one might expect, the Miss Piggy Corner started getting smaller as time went by that year. As my preteen priorities began to change, space on the vanity was at a premium. I needed to make way for new things. Rock and roll posters soon replaced Piggy portraits on the wall, and the toys and puzzles were pushed over to the side to make room for my radio, cassette player, and books.  Then came the fateful day when I returned home from a shopping trip with a new curling iron and a makeup set — and the remaining vestiges of the Miss Piggy Corner were relegated to a shelf in the closet, where they remained for many years.

Thankfully, my mother had the sense to tuck the paper doll set away for me….

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