Disney Cruise Line: How I Miss Thee

A vacation must be pretty good if you are staring at your calendar and sadly celebrating its anniversary.

Here’s the story: last year, right around this week, we sailed away on the Disney Cruise Line Magic out of New York City (eek!) and headed down to Florida, Castaway Cay (Disney’s private island) and the Bahamas. Out of the four times I’ve sailed on the Disney Cruise Line (all of them on the Magic), that definitely ranks as my favorite trip.

To make myself feel better (feel worse?), I’m talking Disney Cruise on the blog all week. Get excited!

So because I’m always counting down the moment I win the lottery and I’m able to book my next spin on these beautiful ships, I thought I’d share what destinations I’d most want to visit! That’s really what’s so much fun about cruising. You get a small taste of different locales and it’s a nice to feel out which places you may want to return to at a later date.

Let’s get started!

1. Spain (European Cruise)

Disney Cruise Line Barcelona Stop

I’m half Spanish and have been dying to go to Spain since forever. When James and I were planning out honeymoon two years ago, we really wanted to do a Mediterranean Cruise but we couldn’t swing the airfare all the way to Europe so we opted for a Cruise in our budget with nearby ports of call.

But Spain! I would love to visit it with Disney Cruise Line even thought I know a day-long stop would not be enough time to really experience it. Shopping, art, sight-seeing! Yay!

2. San Juan, Puerto Rico (Caribbean)

Disney Cruise Line San Juan Puerto Rico

When I was a little, my grandma used to spend every single summer in Puerto Rico and (kind of like above) it’s really been on my wish list since then. I love that Disney Cruise Line added PR to its ports of call — it’s such a beautiful place with a ton of culture and good food. It’s always nice to have a destination where you can plan a day at the beach or just sight-seeing. There is just so much to see and do.

3. Alaska

Disney Cruise Line Alaska Donald

I feel like I have pretty superficial reasons for this one. I’m not a fan of not being able to swim in warm weather on a vacation like this, and while I’ve heard how amazing Alaska is, I fear I would be bored on the ship. But I do want to see Mickey and his pals in their cold-weather wardrobe. Cutest pictures ever. I’m sure Alaska is great too. Really.

In all seriousness, Alaska might be a great place to cruise when it’s actually cold at home too so I don’t feel like I’m missing out of anything. I honestly have no idea what to expect and maybe, for once, that would be awesome. One of the port adventures? Behind the scenes tour of dog sledding? Who would have thought of that one?

4. San Francisco, CA

Disney Cruise Line San Francisco

I left my heart in San Franciscoooo. Just kidding. I’ve actually never been here which is why this is making my list. I need to spend time in California. It’s always on the top of my list as far as vacations go but when we keep going to Disney World, it’s a little hard to make that dream a reality. Must do it!

Of course, the Walt Disney Family Museum is also in San Francisco and I’ve heard so many fantastic things about it.

5. Key West, Florida

Disney Cruise Line Key West

Okay, this is kind of my “cheat” answer. I went here on my second Disney Cruise with my parents, and I would love to just… do more. We took a tour and went to an aquarium but I wasn’t 21 yet and I just want to take a ton of pictures down there. So so gorgeous. (I went to Key Largo two years ago, and the pull was even stronger.)

Nothing like fighting the vacation blues by… talking about other vacations. And not just any vacation spots but gorgeous ones. While I go sob into my [insert drink of choice here, depending on what time you are reading this], I’d love to hear about your Disney Cruise experiences and where you would want to sail off to!

[ All pictures from official Disney Cruise Line website. ]

4 thoughts on “Disney Cruise Line: How I Miss Thee

  1. I went on my first Disney Cruise last Nov on the Fantasy (E. Caribbean) with my in-laws and husband (who are DCL veterans). The cruise… didn’t go as planned. Two works: Hurricane Sandy. We seas got a bit rough, but we thought we missed it — until the ship drove right into it again. The night we headed towards Port Canaveral in GYNORMOUS waves and 85mph winds was one of the top 5 scariest events of my life (recounted by me on our local NPR station KRCC here: http://radiocoloradocollege.org/2012/11/tbs-story-time-disney-debacle-on-the-high-seas/). My recommendation — go ANYWHERE but to a hurricane.

    When we stepped off the ship, I really wasn’t sure if I could do it again — but here we are, scheduled for ANOTHER cruise — on the Fantasy again, this time Western Caribbean, next Feb 2014.

    They really do such a nice job and the ship and guest rooms look spectacular. I couldn’t pass up another (especially with a 25% off coupon for surviving Sandy!)… Can’t wait to go to Castaway Cay since we missed it last time!!!

  2. Your reason for wanting to go on the Alaska cruise is…just awesome! 🙂 That’s a trip I definitely want to take. My terrific aunt and uncle took full advantage of an Alaska port stop (different cruise line) by booking a helicopter flight over a glacier!!!

  3. Great Post!!! I loved the Disney Dream and think about it often! We are going to Disney again in October and I am thinking about booking another cruise. Castaway Cay is one of my “happy places”. “Nothing like fighting the vacation blues by… talking about other vacations” Love this!!

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