Disney Cruise Line: For the Adults Too

One of my main goals when writing This Happy Place Blog is to prove time and time again that adults can have fun in Disney theme parks too. It’s not only about the kids. The same is so true for taking a trip on the Disney Cruise Line. I can’t tell you how many times I get poo-pooed about my trip of choice because people automatically associate anything Disney with princesses and mice and nothing in between. (Like the amazing restaurants, great drinks, and gorgeous sunsets.)

Let’s think about this. YES. There are going to be kids near you. Probably many children. But there are certainly ways to avoid them if you want to go on a trip for two, or in a group of grown ups. (I swear, Disney does not assign you a child when you arrive on your cruise ship.) Not only is the customer service of the Disney Company BEST on a Disney ship (think about it: you spend close quarters with these cast members; they have to be the best of the best) but there is just so much to provided to keep so many different personalities satisfied.

Here are a few reasons that we cruised two years in a row just the two of us (and can’t wait to do it again soon):

18+ Over Areas

A pool, a bar, hot tubs, and tons of space to lounge without kids running back and forth for snacks or splashing into the pool. I don’t know how Disney does it but I never saw one child in this space for the whole time we were on the ship. The area is so well-divided from the family and kid pools — truly providing a tranquil and very adult space to enjoy your time in.

Disney Cruise Line Magic Adult Only Pool Area

At Disney’s private island, Castaway Cay, it’s done best though. Take a bike ride or tram over to Serenity Bay and I promise you, there will be more fish in the water than squeals of kids. I don’t think I can imagine a more peaceful spot in the world actually. The first time James and I spent to Serenity Bay we were practically the only people there for most of the day (we spent a good 8 hours in the sunshine) and the second, even when it was busier (there was a yoga class and more!) it felt like total paradise.

Serenity Bay Castaway Cay Disney Cruise Line

This is the thing: the kids are SO distracted by all the goodness in the areas designated for them that they don’t have any reason to be curious about the “adult” areas. I think this also helps Disney keep guests who want different things divided while enjoying their vacation.

Second Shift Dining

When booking your Disney Cruise, there are two options when it comes to your eating: do you want to see a show and then eat? Or maybe eat and then see a show? As a couple, we’ve done a second shift meal for both of our cruises and since that starts at 8:30 p.m. many of the youngins you’ve seen throughout the day are most likely getting ready to call it a night. I can remember one instance on our last cruise where the kids were a little rowdy when Mickey Mouse stopped by but other than that, you’ll see many adults and older kids eating during this shift.

This definitely makes a difference.


The activities are out of control! I’m normally a big “let’s lounge and swim” type person but if the weather isn’t up to par and you just want to escape inside, you certainly aren’t slacking in the activities. (Here’s a breakdown I wrote last year.) Presentations from employees of the Disney Company, beverage tastings (for a small extra charge), an actual movie theater, lounges with live music, and if you are the dancing sort (I’m not) there’s a themed night at the “night club” every night.

Just like my day routine, I’m more of a “let’s drink and chat” kind of gal so sitting in one of the bars and hanging out is the perfect nighttime activity for me.

Disney Cruise Line Magic Diversions Adult Only

Again, no matter your mood or your preference for spending your evenings, it’s here and it could be relatively kid-free if you want it to be.

Adult-only dining

Disney Cruise Line Magic Palo Meal

For an extra charge per person, adults can really escape the regular dining routine and enjoy a gorgeous and private dinner at the adult-dining restaurant on the ship. Since we’ve only cruised on the Magic, we had the opportunity to check out Palo and did so on our second trip. I am absolutely so glad that we did. James wrote a guest post about our Palo dining experience last year, and it’s still one of the top meals we have ever shared with each other. Very relaxed/no rush atmosphere, delicious food, friendly service, and just a nice night without the hustle and bustle of the dining room. So worth the extra expense.

Have I convinced you yet?

How about this view?

Disney Cruise Line Sunset from Magic

Just like an Disney vacation, the Disney Cruise is totally adaptable to your own needs and your own preferences. No kids. Girlfriends. Guyfriends. Or even a honeymoon. It’s possible to make the vacation what you want it to be, and there is certainly enough to keep the big kids busy. (Even if it seems like the kids have all the fun in the commercials — not true!)

Even after two 7-day cruises, we haven’t done it all!

(And if you need some more convincing, check out the Adult Activities link on the main DCL website!)

7 thoughts on “Disney Cruise Line: For the Adults Too

  1. I’m really itching to take a Disney Cruise, and this makes me want to go more. I’m hoping that I might actually get to go on the Dream later this year.

  2. I’m still not 100% convinced, but you do make a verrrry persuasive argument! 🙂 I could practically hear the Disney promo music in the back ground (I’ve been streaming too much park music!)

  3. I couldn’t agree more with this post! I am so familiar with the crazy looks when I say that I’m going on another Disney cruise. Palo is possibly my favorite dining experience I’ve ever had!

  4. You hit the nail on the head! Husband and I did a Disney cruise on the Magic also for our honeymoon. We joked that it would be good birth control as we’d be so sick of kids by the end… but we ended up enjoying the kids and how they reacted to the “magic” more than we thought we would. Another thing that was a pleasant surprise was along with second-seating, the childless guests were sat together and the families were sat together. I was a bit concerned about being sat with kids but they thought that through perfectly too! We can’t wait for our next Disney cruise!

    PS, how do you feel about the dramatic changes the Magic will be going through? I was fine with restoration but I’m worried the things that made it unique are all going away and it will be a cookie cutter of the other ships.

  5. We had a fantastic time in the adult areas on the Disney Dream last April. I was shocked at how empty they were – it’s as though the other adults on the ship didn’t know about them. It was insane! We had entire spaces to ourselves. It was sort of amazing actually.

  6. About your tip of second seating dining, I must say there are a couple of items to consider when making that choice. My hubbie and I had our honeymoon on the Magic doing the Eastern Caribbean. We took the late seating for the same reason you listed. However, we were so full after dinner we were unable to partake in any of the midnight buffets. And the dessert one is not to be missed.When we took the Western Caribbean Magic cruise we took the earlier seating. We realized that there seems to be just as many kids in the first as there was the second. Honestly the kid ratio shouldn’t impact your dining, do what’s best fou you & your appetite.

  7. We just got back from a Disney Cruise, and as always it was great. This was our third Disney Cruise, and it was the first one for our son. Needless to say, things were a bit different this time around, as we missed the Quiet Cove pool and Serenity Bay on Castaway Cay. Of course, it was still lots of fun, and our son absolutely loved it. But next time around, it might be another adults-only trip. 🙂

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