Muppet Monday: Bernadette Peters Can Do It

At our house, the Tony Awards ranks right up there with Christmas Day. Well, today is kind of like post-holiday hangover since we spent our evening enjoying all the wonderful musicals and plays that hit Broadway this year.

The Muppets have never been on Broadway (although they have in their movies) but there’s also such a strong appreciation for theater in The Muppet Show (the guest stars; the songs!) and even their movies. In re-discovering the Muppets in the last two years and learning more about their history, I feel like my connection to them is even stronger because of this.

We’ve been watching Season 2 of The Muppet Show whenever we can lately and I was so excited to watch Bernadette Peters guest star. She’s a Broadway legend (Sunday in the Park with George, Annie Get Your Gun, Gypsy) who most recently wrapped up a small stint on NBC’s Smash and she also presented the Tony for Best Musical last night. (So fitting!)

Bernadette’s work on The Muppet Show episode was great; there’s a running storyline about Robin (Kermit’s nephew), who is trying to figure out his place among the crowd and in the following number, Bernadette gives him a little advice:

Isn’t that song fantastic? It’s called “Just One Person” (music: Larry Grossman / lyrics: Hal Hackedy) and the Muppets and Sesame Street gang sing it quite often. I mostly remember it from videos I watched of Jim Henson’s Memorial Service (warning: do not watch these at your desk. You will cry.) and also when I saw Jim Henson’s Musical World at Carnegie Hall last year.

The message is very sweet; you are not alone and you are special. I had no idea the song originates from a musical (also fitting for today’s post), Snoopy the Musical. Yes, that rascal little pup Snoopy that you know. It’s the sequel to You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown. Interesting to think (or maybe it’s just in the Muppet circles) that this song is known more for its play with the Muppet family than in the actual musical. Ironically, Larry Grossman was also a musical consultant on The Muppet Show.

So there’s your little bit of theater trivia for the week. Use it well, my friends.

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