Short and Sweet: A Stop at Tutto Gusto

Facts about me: I love a cute, cozy bar.

I knew after we spent a quick lunch at Tutto Gusto last June that James and I would have to make our way back. The insane crowds during our March Epcot day made this happen. (Perhaps, I should thank them for this one thing. Perhaps.)

Tutto Gusto Epcot March 2013: Front Exterior

This time around, we weren’t in the market for much of a meal or even a drink. (Shocker, I know.) We decided on dessert and some espresso to pump us up for the rest of our day. There weren’t any tables free so we just saddled up to the bar, stared at the delicious sweets and took a break from the crazy crazy Spring Breakers.

Tutto Gusto Epcot March 2013 - 1

While James ordered his standard cannoli (his pride and joy), I went for the cherry mousse shot. James (again) had nothing but wonderful things to say about the fresh cannoli and while I tried with all of my might to get the cherry mousse shot to last, I couldn’t help but finish it rather quickly. So so good.

Tutto Gusto Epcot March 2013 - Sweet Snack

The best thing about Tutto Gusto, by far, is the ambiance. I love that it feels kind of tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the theme park visitors; it doesn’t even feel like you are in a busy place at all. Standing at the bar gave me a lot more opportunity to look around and see during our first trip: the stone finishes, the details are so well done.

Tutto Gusto will always be one of those little spots I wish was a bit closer to home. If I was an Orlando native, I feel like that would be one of my top choices to hang out (even if it is a little pricey). As small bite places become more and more prevalent along the World Showcase, I like that this kind of eating is an option. It’s nice to know that you don’t have to spend money on a full meal if you don’t want to, or rush to make a dining reservation. Niches like this certainly give off a more relaxed vibes, and I’m welcoming the upcoming addition to the Morocco pavilion.

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2 thoughts on “Short and Sweet: A Stop at Tutto Gusto

  1. I have only had the chance to stop here once shortly after it opened, and I absolutely loved it! I can’t decide what I like more — the cozy atmosphere (which was heaven on a hot May day) or the delicious eats & drinks. I’m making it a point to stop back on my next trip!

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