TheatEAR Newsflash: Muppets Broadway Maybe?

Okay, wasn’t it just two days ago that I said the Muppets hadn’t been on Broadway before?

It was.

So I’m at dinner last night enjoying a very lovely burger and one of my friends texts me to see if I saw the Muppet Broadway news.


Seems the Muppets have been a sneaky bunch, performing a 15-minute presentation for Thomas Schumacher, President of Disney Theatrical Productions, and a crowds of others at the New Amsterdam Theater on May 31. It seems Schumacher is intrigued by the idea but there is no further news at this time. (Here’s the exclusive from Variety.)

The Muppets Were Here New Amsterdam Theatre: Muppets and Alex Timbers gave a presentation in May for a future theater experience.

I am over the moon that this might be happening. Ever since I saw Jim Henson’s Musical World at Carnegie Hall and saw the Muppets in action in front of my face, I’ve wanted to see them on the stage again. Plus more attention to the Muppets might mean a third new movie, new merchandise, new attractions in Disney Parks? Could all our Muppet dreams be coming true?

I sure hope so.

Since I’ve overcome with any emotions and thoughts, here’s a nice stream of consciousness for you:

  • Excited to see that Alex Timbers is involved. He worked on Peter and the Starcatcher, one of my favorite theater experiences ever. So creative and so down to earth… would love to see how something like that could involve the Muppets.
  • Limited run or open-ended?
  • Would the official Muppet performers take part in the Broadway show? Or would backups take the stage?
  • Can we please not have a storyline about the Muppets saving a theater? They’ve done this a lot.
  • Will Walter be in it? Big YES, I hope.
  • Is there a theater big enough for Piggy’s ego? Hmm…
  • How will I survive the upcoming months/years (!!) waiting to hear more news? (I’m not sure.)

I sure can’t wait to watch everything unfold.

As a sidenote, interesting to see that Disney Theatrical is currently working on stage productions of Father of the Bride, Shakespeare in Love, and (the one I’m most psyched about) a reworked version of The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

It’s always fun to hear about new productions, and after a quiet few months, I like what we are hearing!

One thought on “TheatEAR Newsflash: Muppets Broadway Maybe?

  1. This would be a dream come true. I have long been a muppet fan and if this were to happen I would make the trip to NYC to see it often. Hopefully it works out!

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