Muppet Monday: Fear the Lobsters

Here are a few things I love about the Swedish Chef:

– Even though you have no idea what he is saying half the time, you just know how much he loves being in the kitchen.
– He doesn’t try to be the neatest cook in the world. Yay for big messes!
– Cooking is always an adventure with he is involved.

You can see why I enjoy the Swedish Chef scenes of The Muppet Show so much. He is just so dedicated to his craft even if things don’t seem to be going according to plan. (If he even has one…) Take this scene from Season 2 of The Muppet Show, for instance. It’s actually one of the most unique skits I can remember watching involving Chef and it’s pretty darn clever.

After working with so many types of food, Chef experiences something totally off the wall. Attacked by armed lobsters with mustaches? Protecting one of their own? (Do they have a union?) With the Chef totally baffled by this strange turn of events. It’s such a simple skit, but completely hilarious and proof of the genius behind The Muppet Show.

We learn another important lesson: be careful who you cook because the results can be super dangerous.

The big question is: Will the Swedish Chef ever attempt to cook a lobster again?

What do you think?

Big thanks to Eating WDW for educating me about National Lobster Day (which was June 15!).

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