I Guess the Mouse Must Be in New York City

With summer finally arriving in New York City, we’ve taken full advantage of spending a majority of our weekends outdoors. It’s quite a lovely change from spending a majority of our time in the air conditioned house last year, leaving for a possible Target trip or the infrequent beach day.

Like many Disney fans out there, we have the tendency to be somewhere and somehow relate this new place, so far removed from Florida, and comment on how it feels like being in a Disney theme park.

(This is some kind of psychological exercise to make us feel better about not splurging on a vacation, I think.)

Today I’m going to share a few of those spots with you:

laboratoriodelgelato nyc

When my friend Elena came to visit a few weeks ago, she made il laboratorio del gelato one of our must-stops! (I’ve already been back once since she visited.) I’m not sure when I’ll get to visit France’s new L’Artisan Des Glaces (sorbet + gelato!) but I will be hard pressed to find something better than this new NYC find. (The flavors in the picture are salted caramel and green tea. Delish!)

Rosa Mexicano in New York City

Rosa Mexicano: Brunch, lunch, dinner, margaritas, anyone? We just went here for bunch recently, and I fell in love with the food, the spirits, and most definitely the decor. Probably the closest I’ll get to La Hacienda in Epcot for awhile because, really, if I closed my eyes… we could have really been there.

Marriott Marquis Broadway Lounge

Broadway Lounge at the Marriott Marquis in Times Square: Love this space! Melissa from Mouse on the Mind and I actually had drinks here last week, and she loved it too. Think Top of the World at Bay Lake Tower (the views!) and also futuristic Epcot looking decor (just look at those light fixtures). It’s super fun and you can get a fancy drink. Nothing is much better than that.

Fountain at Columbus Circle - New York City

The Fountain at Columbus Circle at Night: A little Epcot Center, anyone? I think it might have been the smell of the water (I know that’s weird) that really transported me back to Future World but it’s also a nice place to sit, find a little peace, and people watch. (Perfect way to end a night even if there isn’t any Illuminations show!)

How do you find a little bit of Disney at home?

4 thoughts on “I Guess the Mouse Must Be in New York City

  1. Upon quick glance, the Columbus Circle pic could totally be from the France pavilion. These are great shots. I love to play this game, especially during times like these- when I don’t know when my next WDW will happen…

  2. I really like how you were able to come up with connections between all these places + Disney! You made me want to see them all, since I don’t think I’ve actually been to any of them except perhaps the last (and even then, only in passing!).

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