Feeling Fancy in the World

After writing yesterday’s post about uncovering Disney moments in my own city,and sharing details my fun night out with Melissa from Mouse on the Mind, I started thinking about my favorite night spots in the World. Not the ones in the theme parks either. More like a place where I might get little dressed up, nurse a pretty cocktail, and just sit back, relax, and know I don’t have to get up early the next day.

I think this actually relates to why I love Disney Cruising so much. I love knowing that every night I can head over to [ name that bar ] and talk with [ name your friendly bartender ] and enjoy [ something fruity and fun ] after a long day of sunshine, activities and excursion activities. It gives you some kind of home base, a routine, and unlike every night when you come home from working a long day, you actually want to be out making the most of your time.

THIS is what feeling fancy is all about — really embracing the “no worries” part of vacation and letting go.

So where are some of these favorite places for me? Check them out:

Bay Lake Tower’s Top of the World

Top of the World Lounge at Bay Lake Tower

Though it is exclusive to DVC members, this place is such a beauty — I love the futuristic decor, the views of Magic Kingdom and the lagoon, and even the piped in fireworks. We went here during our honeymoon and enjoyed a light dinner and some fancy martinis. Such a fun night out without even stepping into the park. (I could have done without the kids filing in right before Wishes started and crawling all over the place but oh well, they left as soon as it was over.) I’m not sure how crowded this spot has gotten over the past two years, but it almost felt like we had it all to ourselves during our first trip. Cannot wait to go back.


Disney World Honeymoon - Narcoossee's at the Grand Floridian Resort

A little pricey, this Grand Floridian restaurant has been the setting of many family celebrations. I’ll never forgot the fancy champagne I ordered for my parent’s anniversary and how fun it was to get all dressed up (and watch a crazy rainstorm through the windows near our table). The food selection is definitely on the fancier side but I love how calm it is and just how special the whole place feels. (Personalized menus, friends!) If you time it right, you can even catch Wishes on the ride back toward the Magic Kingdom.

BoardWalk Resort

BoardWalk Resort At Night

I’m not shy about my love of the BoardWalk (in fact, I wrote all about it last year for Mouse on the Mind‘s Disney at Night series). Whether you are in the mood for a stroll, a glass of wine, some tricks and shows, or a funnel cake, the BoardWalk is one of my top choices when it comes to spending a night “on the town.” The experience can really be whatever you make it, depending on who you are spending time with or what you are in the mood for. It seems every time I picture myself down in WDW having a good time, this spot comes to mind first — me sitting on a bench, people watching, deciding where to have the last drink of the night.

Where do you like to chill out in the evenings when you are visiting the parks?

5 thoughts on “Feeling Fancy in the World

  1. Gorgeous!!!!! My sister and I were very….. unfancy at Disney (seriously… I think we were THIS CLOSE to wearing fanny packs haha, but luckily my sister had a little sling bag). The fanciest we got was going to Downtown Disney and we ate at the Irish restaurant (which I cannot remember the name for the life of me) and I got Shepherd’s pie (which of course reminded me of Friends.. but that’s a different story). I actually felt underdressed because it seemed like a nicer place and we were still wearing shorts (I think). I’m sure they see that a lot because hell, it’s all tourists, but still! It would be nice to go back and do more “adult” things or find some nice places too! 🙂

  2. I love this post. All three of these places are for sure on my list of favorite places in the world. Also on my list is California Grill…perfection.

  3. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten fancy at Disney World before! Then again, I haven’t been back to WDW or any Disney park since I was a teen, so that probably makes sense. These places look fantastic though, and I can’t wait to try them out someday.

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