Muppet Monday: Triple Ice Cream Soda on the Rocks

With the warm weather, I have a new obsession.

Ice Cream Soda.

Estelle Ice Cream Soda

Now, some facts about me: I used to be very obsessed with drinking soda when I was younger. I actually used to hoard soda cans in my bedroom and drink them all the time. Then in college, after the freshman 15 (mine was from pizza, fries with cheese, and soda), I stopped drinking as much of it.

Since I’ve cut down, soda really tastes like a treat.

But when you add ice cream? Pretty much heaven on earth.

Here’s a great scene from Season 1 of The Muppet Show where Rowlf and the legendary Phyllis Diller hang out at a lounge. (If you remember, Diller passed away in 2012 and I first saw this episode after that happened.) It’s such a fun skit because they totally make fun of each other, and then try to top the other with their sad, sad stories. (So sad that the laugh track goes crazy.)

Reader, I dare you to go into a bar and order a triple ice cream soda on the rocks. And then sit down and have a conversation with your dog. (If you do this, please email me the evidence and I’ll feature it on a Muppet Monday. Really.)

Hope you have a cool week + are far less miserable than these two!

One thought on “Muppet Monday: Triple Ice Cream Soda on the Rocks

  1. Ice cream sodas are the BEST! They are one of my favorite treats during the summer time. I’ll basically have them all – purple cow, black cow, orange soda + ice cream πŸ™‚

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