A Skirt for Every Land

It’s been awhile since I did one of these fashion posts.

This particular post happened by accident when I was browsing Modcloth for another reason all together. (No I was not shopping for myself, sadly.) I started to realize that the vast number of skirts were so fitting for each of the lands of the Magic Kingdom. Kind of weird, right? I know. I’ll admit to wearing shirts that correspond with whatever park I’m going to that day but I never once thought I could wear a different skirt for every land. (Can you imagine the kind of bag..er, luggage you would have to bring into the park to get that accomplished? That might be a post for another day.)

I thought it would be fun to share the twirly skirts I thought would best represent each land. Let me know what you think of my finds!

Main Street U.S.A. Okay, this one is pretty easy to figure out. I saw this skirt and immediately thought Minnie Mouse. Who else would you want to welcome you into your time at the Magic Kingdom? The hostess with the mostest, of course! (Muse de Art Moderne in Red)

Fantasyland This find felt like PERFECTION. Doesn’t it remind you of It’s a Small World? I love the architectural design and even the Mary Blair-ish colors of this pick. (World-Wind Tour Skirt)

Tomorrowland This spacey looking skirt is pretty self-explanatory. The old-time feel reminds me of many of the classic designs around Tomorrowland (and even the decor at the Top of the World at Bay Lake Tower). So much fun! (Outta This World Skirt)

Liberty Square Originally I had two skirts for this land to fit the Hall of Presidents-esque feel and also the Haunted Mansion look. But I realized when putting this post together how perfect this skirt was for both. It reminds me of the dusty look of the HM and also the Victorian feel of the rest of the land. How great is this color? (B. Jones Style Skirt)

Adventureland I was pretty sure I would come across some rainforest-looking skirt when searching for this look BUT instead this one caught my eye. It reminded me of the ceramics around Pirates of the Caribbean. I took a lot of pictures around this attraction and even its bathrooms on our last trip… noticing things I never did before. I thought this was pretty perfect. (Spotted in Swirls skirt)

Frontierland No skirts with any mountains or bears but there is this Route 66 pick. It would actually go hand in hand with Carsland too but this one had me thinking trips, adventure, the unknown! All things that are very Frontierland to me. (Back to Your Routes skirt)

I has such a blast working on this post, and wish I had the funds to make this work for one day in Magic Kingdom! Maybe it’s time to go play lotto?

9 thoughts on “A Skirt for Every Land

  1. This is the coolest idea ever. I never ever put any thought into what I’m wearing when I go to the parks. I just dress for the weather. BUT if I were the kind of person to think about it, it would be a really cute idea. I love your choices for Main Street and Fantasy Land. I TOTALLY thought of It’s a Small World before I even read that you thought the same thing!

  2. Hi… I’ve been reading your posts for awhile now but never commented before. This is such a creative idea and fun post. I love it!

  3. This is the most fantastic thing I’ve ever seen! I want all the skirts. ALL OF THEM. After all, nothing would make me happier than owning clothing that matches various lands in Walt Disney World!

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