This Must Be Pop Century

Growing up in a DVC family, I didn’t stay in my first value resort at Walt Disney World until 2011 when we made reservations at the All-Star Music during a work business trip. I didn’t mind it. It worked exactly for what we needed it for: a place to sleep, a place to swim, and even a spot to have a drink one night.

Being that we are on a budget for all upcoming trips, we decided to try out the Pop Century Resort during our big March 2013 road trip to Florida this time around. I’ve heard plenty of good things about it (especially from the tweets of Mike from Be Our Guest Podcast) and we always like to explore new resorts.

Spoiler? We REALLY enjoyed our time here and can actually say we look forward to going back.

Pop Century Resort Walt Disney World March 2013

Pop Century might be a large resort, full of a lot of families BUT:

  • We stayed in the 1980s section and it was so quiet; you couldn’t hear a pin drop.
  • There are plenty of pools to choose from. (It was kind of cold when we were there to enjoy them though.)
  • The food court might not be pretty but there is food to fit every single taste (Chinese food, flatbreads, oh my!).
  • The buses always felt efficient.

Art of Animation Across from Pop Century Resort

And the biggest positive?

It was so nice that you had the option to walk across to Art of Animation and hang out. Their security is super top notch but you could definitely explore the awesome resort areas (such a great details!) and check out their varied assortment of food choices too. Not only is this totally convenient, but having the resorts across from one another makes Pop feel like a moderate hotel or dare I say it, even a deluxe like the BoardWalk. The BoardWalk Resort holds my heart, but I did love that Pop had its own lagoon, beautiful lights reflecting  on the water, and that romance that is just missing at the All-Star Resorts.

View from the Water at Night at Pop Century Resort

Don’t forget the tie dye cheesecake. It really is that good.

Pop Century Resort Tie Dye Cheesecake

And Roger Rabbit.

Pop Century Resort Roger Rabbit Sighting

But seriously, folks, give the Pop Century Resort a second glance if you need to. It may not have the best selection in beer (ugh) and the parking situation might be a little confusing (someone got lost trying to find our car to grab our jackets) but I think it’s a perfectly reasonable option for guests who are on a budget.

Even through there are over-sized characters, bright colors, and board games everywhere, it’s nice to know that some peace and quiet and feeling like an adult is possible too.

9 thoughts on “This Must Be Pop Century

  1. We stayed at Pop Century for the first time a couple of weeks ago, and it was just what we needed as we were only going to be there for a few nights. And like you said, it was great to be able to walk over to Art of Animation, too. I would definitely stay there again.

  2. Umm OMG want that tie dye cheesecake! Yummm.
    My sister and I stayed at the music resort (blanking on the official name), but it barely mattered since it rained the whole time and when we weren’t at the parks, we were mostly indoors or running from our room to the cafeteria! Very nice though!

  3. Those views look fantastic! I think I’d definitely want to give this resort a try should I get to go to WDW sometime soon. (And yes, this needs to happen!)

  4. I think this resort is pretty cool to walk around, as we dud when we were in a Cars suite at AoA. If I were choosing among standard value rooms, I’d pick Pop over any All Stars simply because it has dedicated busses. And the walk to the AoA food court seals the deal!

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