Monsters University for Two

Happy Thursday all!

I’m switching things up a little bit today. The subject is all about Monsters University but with a twist. My very good friend Tara is joining us to share her thoughts about the movie as well. You might be asking yourself: who is Tara and what makes her suitable to answer these kind of questions? Well, she runs a fantastic book blog called Fiction Folio and one of the nicest people I know. Plus she loves movies (and Christmas!). So there’s that. But I also feel like her chipping in for this piece is perfect because book blogging feels like a kind of sorority sometimes. And that would make Tara my sorority sister, like Mike and Sully being frat brothers! (Except we never hated each other.) See the correlation? I knew you would.

Monsters University The Gang

Now Tara and I have created a set of questions for the other to answer about Monsters University, Pixar, and other fun things.

Tara Fiction Folio Student ID Monsters University

Tara, we need to know your Disney movie backstory. NEED TO KNOW. What are your top 3 Pixar films?ย Favorite part of Monsters Inc.?

Oh man, I can only pick three?! This is cruel Estelle…just plain cruel ๐Ÿ˜‰ย If I had to choose three, I would have to say (in no particular order): Toy Story, Finding Nemo, and Monsters, Inc.ย As for my favorite part of Monsters Inc., that would be when Mike puts the door back together for Sully to visit Boo one more time.

Okay, now that we got that out of the way… three words to describe your Monsters University experience.

I sense a theme with the number three here…ย Hilarious. Nostalgic. Heartwarming.

Which character were you most like in college? (Be honest. It was the cool guys, right?)

Yeah, right haha! While I know for sure I wasn’t one of the cool kids, I’d like to think I was at least a tiny bit cool. But if I attended Monsters University and decided to go Greek (which I would never do btw) it would probably be for the sorority version of Oozma Kappa. I’d be the female version of Don Carlton (the lovable old guy grasping at his youth).

Is it possible for a “prequel” to ever be better than the original film? Do you think there was anything that was done better in MU?

It is possible, although very rare. While I still like Monsters, Inc. more than I did Monsters University, I think the Pixar team did a great job of telling the new story while still staying pretty true to the original. I think the animation and overall color palette within the animation was better than Monsters, Inc., which I’m sure was largely due to technological advances since 2001.

Mike or Sully?

Mike! I always love the underdog who constantly fights for what he/she believes in.

BONUS: The Blue Umbrella. These pre-movie shorts always feel like such a treat. What did you think about this one?

I really enjoyed The Blue Umbrella! It’s always amazing to me how powerful these shorts can be without any spoken words–just music to carry you through and evoke the thoughts and emotions the characters are feeling. My favorite short is still Paperman, but The Blue Umbrella was definitely a solid story.

Estelle This Happy Place Blog College ID Monsters University

What was the very first Pixar movie you ever watched? Tell us the whole story! Age, location, feelings, all of it ๐Ÿ™‚

Eek. I think I was in 4th grade and we saw Toy Story at a birthday party. I really loved it. Afterwards, my dad took my family to Burger King and they had these Toy Story puppet things? So awesome. I think I still have my Hamm puppet somewhere.

Tell us about your most favorite scene in Monsters University (I know there’s a lot to choose from).

I absolutely loved seeing baby Mike in the earlier scenes. He was already so much of the character we see in Monsters, Inc. The same kind of humor, super friendly, kind of always getting pushed to the back. It was great to see where he fell in love for his passion (even if it was centered around scaring kids).

I fell in love with Mike’s character even more in Monsters U. Did you end up liking a character more than you thought? Who?

I actually didn’t mind Randall so much in the beginning of Monsters Inc. I don’t want to give anything away but I think MU gave him the chance to feel a little less villainous to the viewers. (Although one of the little kids at our movie was concerned about him wearing glasses.)

I loved the new characters introduced in Monsters U. Which character would you like to see get their own spin-off movie or short?

Oozma Kappa was the best ever. All of the guys would make great subjects for a spin-off short but I would love to see a one starring ย Scott’s mother (my husband liked her love of metal). She made quite an impression even if she wasn’t in a ton of scenes.

I’m one of those people that never stay for the credits. What about you? Did you stay through for Monsters University, and if so, should others stick around that haven’t seen it yet?

I’ve conditioned myself to stay until the very end of every Disney movie… just in case. My friends, husband, and I were the only ones in the theater at the end of the credits and got to see the extra surprise. I like that they add that in. It’s a nice bonus after watching the film. My advice: always always stay until the end. (They always do something at the end of those Marvel movies too… like The Avengers.)

BONUS back at you:What did you think about The Blue Umbrella short?

There is something about the Pixar shorts that always makes me feel so light and happy. The Blue Umbrella was so creative, so sweet, and I just wanted to watch it again and again. That music! Those rain boots! The facial expressions. Pixar people are just geniuses.


Did you see Monsters University this weekend? What did you think?


Kudos to Tara for hanging out at This Happy Place Blog today and suggesting we share our gorgeous college IDs!

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4 thoughts on “Monsters University for Two

  1. Saw the movies with some of my castmembers. As usual, it was a wonderful story. I love the why they tied the story together. It was seamless. How can you not love Mike and Sully? The follow-up at the end was done beautifully and staying through the ridiculously long credits was worth it.

    Love the short as well!

  2. I haven’t yet watched Monsters University! But it sounds absolutely fabulous, and I think that I’ll have a good time when I do finally get to go. Great job with the interview you two!

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