Muppet Monday: A Wet Pig

Hi friends! Hope you all had a great Fourth of July weekend!

If you haven’t clicked in This Happy Place Blog for the past few days, you should! We have a little makeover going on, and it’s just about finished. Be sure to let me know what you think!

But enough of that: Happy Muppet Monday!

There’s an extreme heat wave in New York City right now, and we spent most of our long weekend — sweating. Ew, I know. But it’s true. The only thing we wanted to do was SWIM. And probably never get out of the pool or ocean. Sadly, we didn’t get this opportunity BUT when I was thinking of the Muppets and swimming, I remembered this scene from The Great Muppet Caper:

Have you seen this movie? It’s kind of genius. Kermit, Fozzie, and Gonzo are working to track down a jewel thief when Kermit bumps into Piggy. She pretends to be this lavish celebrity when she’s really slumming it like the rest of us. This is such an amazing scene. It really showcases the talents of the puppeteers and just how creative they can be. (In fact this movie is full of such sequences.)

The whole scene is very Busby Berkeley-esque with the singing and synchronized swimmers. The song is simply titled “Miss Piggy’s Fantasy” and was written by Muppet staple, Joe Raposo. I dare you to watch this and not wonder just HOW this scene was done. (A fun fact: Frank Oz took scuba training for 3 days to pull this off.)

Hope this snippet of The Great Muppet Caper has you feeling cool this Monday morning!

One thought on “Muppet Monday: A Wet Pig

  1. This is funny, b/c I was just talking about the Great Muppet Caper last night! I have a hard time deciding which I like more, this one or the 1st movie, but lately I’m leaning towards Caper… but that might just be b/c I’ve seen “The Muppet Movie” about a hundred times, and “Caper” only like, ten. 😉 One thing I will say: they do some AMAZING new things with the Muppets throughout this movie. Innovative stuff left and right. It’s great!

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