Hooray for Hollywood: DHS-inspired Shopping Guide from Kate Spade

Can you believe that I haven’t compiled an official shopping guide on THP since March? What?!

When I was randomly searching the Kate Spade website (only browsing) and realized their new arrivals reminded me so much of Disney Hollywood Studios — which is a ton of fun. I love this cinematic theming when it comes to bags and accessories and I thought that you might get a kick out of it too.

Get ready to be dazzled…

Kate Spade Meets Disney's Hollywood Studios: July 2013 collection reminds me of the glamour of Old Hollywood and Disney's Hollywood Studios theming.

1. LIGHTS CAMERA ACTION TERRY BAG | This looks like the perfect bag to hold your park maps and all your souvenirs, right?

2. CINEMA CITY CLAPPER PENDANT | I love how this necklace is long, and of course, so pretty too. (I like shiny things!)

3. DIRECTOR’S IPAD CASE | I don’t have an iPad but I buy these instead to travel with. They are perfect for holding jewelry or non-liquid-y essentials.

4. 3D GLASSES PHONE CASE | MuppetVision 3D, anyone? I think this case is so clever, and yes, I know the 3D glasses in the Disney theme parks don’t look like these but the retro look still makes me think of AC, Statler and Waldorf, and an orchestra of penguins.

5. CINEMA CITY BANGLE | This is probably my favorite item from this collection. How CUTE is this and totally subtle too!

6. SIMPLY CINEMA MOVIE BELT | How adorable is this? I can’t get over it. I never think of getting a belt with a big buckle but this one is just so unique. I can’t stop staring at it!

Granted most of these items are out of my price range, I can’t help but gawk at them all.

What do you like best?

And for those of us on a stricter budget, did you see the classic Disney characters t-shirt line at Old Navy? I may have ordered 2 of these…

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