Christmas in July: It’s Getting Cold in Here

Christmas in July with Disney on Wheels: celebrating this joyous season in the middle of summer.

Welcome back to another rousing post in the Christmas in July series I’m hosting alongside Melissa @ Disney on Wheels.

I’m going another direction with the theme today. December + freezing conditions in NYC equals August in Florida + an overabundance of air conditioning, right?

When I used to go to Disney World with my parents every summer, we would have to travel in that crazy month of August so I know all about the sweat rolling down my back, the race to my deck chair after escaping the pool so I don’t burn my feet, and how much I valued that bottle of water I always bought. There was always another reason to drop into a gift shop because they were so overly air-condioned. So that was fun too. (Maybe not for my dad’s wallet though.)

There are two times that I actually got heat stroke when I was down there. One year, I thought it was a fantastic idea to do morning jogs and I just didn’t hydrate enough, and I had to miss a dinner at Cinderella’s Castle to lay in bed in our Old Key West room. And another, on our LAST night in the parks. I didn’t even go out. I stayed in the resort once again (BoardWalk this time) and hid under the covers.

Let me tell you: it was no fun.

So the key to surviving the insufferable heat of August down in Orlando is, of course, to HYDRATE. And take breaks. Don’t be a hero. The park is still going to be there. Don’t rush, and don’t wait in lines if it is too much. (We actually used to swim in the mornings and then make the most of extra magic hours at night.)

I’m going to channel the frosty feel of the holidays and give you a few of my top places to escape the heat in WDW:

(Thanks to Sarah at Running at Disney for suggesting I choose a food spot + attraction for each park!)

magic kingdom.

Carousel of Progress: This is a must-stop for my trips no matter what the weather is during my trips but during the summer it is even more of a pleasant occasion because you are sitting in a nice chair, watching a story, and enjoying the air-conditioning for a pretty decent amount of time. (If you want to, I guess you could take a nap too but I wouldn’t recommend it. What would Rover think?!)

Gaston’s Tavern: I think this spot is a highlight of the New Fantasyland expansion for me. Not only is the detailing great, but there are fruity drinks that are perfect for a summer day! (As long as you are chasing those sips with water because too much sugar is not the best idea either.) But the actual eatery is dark and sort of cave-like so I imagine it’s a good place to hide when you’ve had enough of the sun.


Mexican Pavilion: An attraction, shops, and a tequila bar all in a dimly lit space? Sign me up. There’s browsing to do in the pavilion’s center, an Art stop for the kids, and you could sit in there, trying on sombreros for a long period of time.

Tutto Gusto: I have a serious obsession with dark food places, I think. Like Gaston’s, Tutto is small and intimate and feels like a cave. Plus there are libations and dessert. I don’t think life in the heat gets better than that. AT ALL.

disney’s hollywood studios.

MuppetVision 3D: I know; you are so shocked right now, aren’t you? I’m trying not to play favorites seriously but with the awesome pre-show, time to walk around and look at all the props before the shows start, and the actual 3D feature, that’s a lot of precious time to spend with the Muppets. AC and Sweetums, wait for me!

Writer’s Shop: As a huge fan of the written word, I love this little shop. (I wish it actually sold MORE books and more paper-y things though. Ditch the kitchen stuff.) It’s a great place to order a cool drink, a small snack, and sit on some chairs until you feel like you’ve rested enough to trek back outside. (I supposed you could always lurk in the waiting space between the Writer’s Shop and Sci-Fi Restaurant and listen to the movie loop… if you wanted.)

animal kingdom.

Sidenote: This one was so difficult.

Finding Nemo the Musical: Whether you love or hate it, 30 minutes indoors is something to embrace! Even though it’s a little cheesy, I do enjoy watching this show. I fear that waiting in line might be a problem in the middle of the summer. Talk about warm. (We did this once, and I’m so thankful I had a book to distract me from the horrible horrible dripping sweat.) But still. You know how Disney turns up the AC. To go along with the strange theme I have here, it’s also pretty dark in the theater when the show is on.

Dawa Bar: Safari Mike from JAMBO EVERYONE has informed me there are no fans near Dawa Bar. But the tucked away space is under a shady covering and they do serve margaritas and cold beer. That’s a great place to take a seat if you ask me.

Is everyone sufficiently cool now? I would absolutely love to hear what spots are at the top of your escape the heat list! Be sure to leave a comment below.

P.S. I took to Twitter to ask everyone the same question and here are some of my favorite answers:

Best Places to Cool Down in Disney Theme Parks Twitter Answers

For more holiday cheer and our Christmas in July series, head over to Disney on Wheels today!

4 thoughts on “Christmas in July: It’s Getting Cold in Here

  1. I totally missed this Twitter question. I thoroughly enjoy naptime and free A/C at Impressions de France. Or any Disney resort lounge!

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