Christmas in July: WDW Holiday Wish List

Christmas in July with Disney on Wheels: celebrating this joyous season in the middle of summer.

Who doesn’t dream of being in their favorite place during the holidays? It’s certainly always been on my radar to spend the Christmas holidays down in Orlando. It’s kind of weird to think about spending the holidays in a place that is not your home with your Christmas tree. (I know I had this problem when I first moved out too.)

But one thing about it: because it’s so different, it would be really special.

Cinderellas Castle in November 2011 Holidays
A picture from a November 2011 trip.

So in case I ever have the opportunity to visit WDW during the holiday season (and not pass out from all the crowds), here are a few options that I would most look forward to:

First things first, I have to Christmas-ify my room to feel adaquately “at home.” What does this mean?

Order a private Christmas tree, of course! The Disney Parks Blog wrote about this merry option in 2010, and I would imagine it is still “a thing”. It may not be the fir you picked out yourself with all your beloved ornaments and decorations but I certainly think it’s the next best thing.

With the parks being so crazy busy, I’m totally okay with resort hopping because there is so much to see. I read through many of the posts that made up Trish’s holiday trip recapΒ and while it’s not surprising, the amount of detail that each of the resorts showcases is above and beyond. I must see all the Christmas trees and gingerbread houses and take tons and tons of pictures. Or sit and stare. I like that idea too.

I love lights. I am obsessed when the first set of holiday lights goes up on a store or a house or window in the neighborhood. I drive (or now, walk) around staring and staring, just breathing in the whole merriment of it all. I think a very strong person is going to have to drag me away from the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights at Hollywood Studios. It is my version of heaven, I am pretty sure. To be surrounded by my favorite holiday from all angles with music and lights? Please take me there. Please!

Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights

This is an idea I got straight from Trish’s holiday posts. I tend to be wary of ticketed events at the parks. The Not-So Scary Halloween Party and the Very Merry Christmas Party?Β Yep, those are the ones. There’s so much debate as to whether they are “worth it” and being that we are a family of two on a budget of one, I think I might have to pass this up. Even if it is pretty much “once in a lifetime”. (I imagine if we ever went for the holidays, we wouldn’t return at that time again until we had children. Ya know? In the far, far future like 50 years down the line.)

Anyway, Trish watched the “Spirit of the Season” fireworks finale from Magic Kingdom at one of my prized spots, Top of the World Lounge at Bay Lake Tower. Such a nice way to avoid all the crowds, settle in with a drink, and enjoy a little bit of the holiday magic without the hassle.

spirit of the season fireworks from top of the world

And last but not last, because I have simple needs, how about a little hot chocolate and a stroll through Downtown Disney? James and I did this a few years ago during a November trip to the parks. One of the days it was super cold (and almost all of us got sick so yay for that) and we took advantage of some alone time, grabbed some delicious hot cocoa from Ghiradelli’s, and window shopped at DtD on the way back to Saratoga Springs. Sounds sweet and cozy right? (Their peppermint bark is delicious!)

Somehow I managed to not write for days and days about my holiday must-dos in WDW. As a reward, I should watch The Muppet Christmas Carol, don’t you think?


What are your thoughts on holidays in Disney theme parks? Is it too crazy? Do you love it? What’s the best part? Tell me all your secrets below!

Ane be sure to check out my elf-in-crime’s post today at Disney on Wheels Blog!

7 thoughts on “Christmas in July: WDW Holiday Wish List

  1. I am imagining Disney security having to make you leave the Osborne Lights. haha They are that awesome! I would love to see your face the first time you see them. In fact, I’m adding that to my WDW Holiday wish list. πŸ™‚

  2. Walt Disney World at Christmas time is spectacular. While I’ve never been there on Christmas Day due to the crowds, I actually proposed down there during the first week of December. You still get the great decorations and you can avoid the crowds. That’s the best of both worlds as far as I’m concerned. Resort hopping is excellent, and the castle lighting show is really fun. The Osborne Lights are amazing. I just hope the rumors of its demise are false.

  3. We were there once for Christmas and New Year, and I am so glad I did it. It was like all of my childhood dreams, sitting in front of the TV on Christmas day watching the parade, come true. That said, I don’t know if I could do it again. It was truly insanity, although I still firmly believe that EPCOT on NYE was worse (crowd wise) than MK on Christmas Day. But it was magical.. It’s ridiculous because I was a grown adult, but Santa coming by in the parade and telling me he liked my hat was the coolest thing ever. Okay, go for Christmas, don’t stay for NYE.

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