Disney Cruise Line Alaska: What I Didn’t See

I thought seven days in Alaska would fulfill any desire I had to see all this great state has to offer — the scenery, the wildlife, the beautiful sights.


There is so much to see and do out there. Picking the right Port Adventures is fun, but challenging. This is great, because it’s pretty much a guarantee that you won’t be bored, but bad because you can’t see it all in one trip. You’ll just have to make another trip out there!

Next time I go, here are my must-dos:

Helicopter Tour in Juneau

Our day in Juneau was supposed to be spent in a helicopter flying over glaciers. We were going to land on a glacier and get to walk around, take pictures, and explore. Mother Nature had other ideas though, and after waking up to a foggy, rainy sky, we weren’t too sure what was going to happen. Unfortunately, our Port Adventure (and all helicopter tours) had been cancelled for the day.

Disney Cruise Line Alaska What I Didn't See 1

Missing out on this was enough to make me want to go back! If the views were incredible from our ship, I can only imagine what they looked like from above. And to get out and walk on the glaciers? I’m sold.

Floatplane Ride in Ketchikan

Disney Cruise Line Alaska What I Didn't See

Ketchikan may be known as Alaska’s first city, or the salmon capital of the world, but I’m convinced it’s also the floatplane capital of the world. All day long we watched floatplane fly over Misty Fjords and take off from or land in the water. I think we saw 850 floatplanes that day. (Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration — but I think I’m close!) I’d love to go back and explore the Misty Fjords by floatplane.

Ziplining in Skagway 

Disney Cruise Line Alaska What I Didn't See

Ziplining tours seemed to be very popular, and available in each of the ports, but we weren’t able to fit any in with our schedule. It seemed like everywhere we went over the course of these seven days had incredible scenery, and I can only imagine how cool it would be to zipline through some of it!


Disney Cruise Line really packs the navigators with tons of fun activities, especially on sea days. While I’ve successfully crossed off the margarita and tequila tasting, as well as the chocolate and beverage pairing, I’m still itching to attend a wine or champagne tasting. There were plenty of first-run movies playing throughout the cruise, and we only had a chance to see Iron Man 3. Cooking demonstrations are also on my list of “next time” activities.

Disney Cruise Line Alaska What I Didn't See

The point is, one time is not enough! It’s not enough to experience all that the ports of call have to offer. In fact, depending on what Port Adventure you choose, you may not have enough time to do exploring on your own in addition to the excursion. All things to think about.

I’m pretty excited that Disney Cruise Line is offering 9-night cruises to Alaska next year with a stop at Sitka, a new port on this itinerary, with even more great things to see. Until next time!

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