Christmas in July: The Return of Buddy the Elf

Christmas in July with Disney on Wheels: celebrating this joyous season in the middle of summer.

You may have heard something about this little Limited Time Magic event that Disney Parks organized called Christmas in July.

Obviously, Melissa and I are huge cheerleaders for this theme (as you can tell). But we were left a little unimpressed with the lackluster plans associated with the announcement. Like many Limited Time Magic plans, the central thought has been merchandise and food. I understand that Disney is a business and it needs to make money. But I also think this a missed opportunity where they can be (subtly) promoting the wonderfulness that occurs at the Disney Parks during the holidays.

Around the holidays last year, Melissa and I received help from one of our very best friends to write about a subject he truly knows how to celebrate. In fact, I would call him an expert neck-and-neck with the big guy in red.

Who is this genius? He’s Buddy the Elf, of course!

This week, Melissa wondered what would happen if Buddy was in charge of the Disney Parks during Christmas in July. What would he want to see in the parks? What is the best way to spread holiday cheer smack dab in the middle of August, without too much fuss and a whole lot of fun?

Here are a few of those brainstorms:

setting the musical mood.

Even though I’ve never been to the theme parks during the actual holiday season, I have been in town when they’ve started setting up and once or twice remember walking through the hub of Magic Kingdom and stopping myself because the integration of holiday area loops was so naturally introduced, I thought I hadn’t heard it right. You know Buddy is all about the carols.

beef and cheese.

We may have to talk Buddy through this one since Goofy is not the real Santa. (My original idea was to have Santa come to WDW in his shorts and a Hawaiian shirt and be “on vacation”. But someone a.k.a. my husband thought this was silly. Because trying to figure out what a fictional elf wants to do in the Disney theme parks is just normal, right?) Anyway. Last year, Goofy as Santa hung out near the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights. There’s no reason he couldn’t come out of hiding, right?

Goofy as Santa with Buddy the Elf for Christmas in July

(Potential issue: kids asking their parents if Christmas is soon + the parents having to convince their kids they have a long way to go? Hmm.)

world’s best cup of coffee.

Starbucks on Main Street? That is pretty much the world’s best cup of coffee if you ask me. On this July evening, in the middle of summer, with the soft sounds of holiday loops playing in the background, a peppermint mocha would be the perfect nightcap. They are my favorite holiday drink and I get very, very excited when the brilliant red cups return to Starbucks. I know Buddy would love to see the new Starbucks coffee shops in the theme parks spread the holiday magic with a few early previews of their drinks. Yum!

Buddy the Elf at Main St Bakery for Christmas in July

bring in a professional.

Epcot Kidcot Spots! If you didn’t know Buddy is a whiz at making paper snowflakes (have you tried to do this lately because it’s freaking hard) and making some beautiful displays with whatever is laying around! (Beware of our furniture.) Since the kids aren’t up to par with Buddy’s talents, how about a little elf magic at this Epcot spots? From coloring to snowflakes to early letters to Santa? Loving it!

Buddy the Elf at KidCot Spot in Epcot for Christmas in July

you’re as pretty as a christmas card.

I’d like to think this is the easiest holiday bonus of all. Celebrate the Magic, the short and sweet show projected on Cinderella’s castle every night? Seasonal updates, as the website puts it? There ya go. Spice it up with a little bit of cheer and I bet most people will either not realize what’s going on or if they do, get a little fuzzy feeling knowing all the joy that is upcoming for the year. We know Buddy digs anything with music and lights so he is all in.

Buddy the Elf Celebrate the Magic Christmas in July

and most importantly…

We have to treat every day like Christmas. Whether that’s singing at the top of your lungs, snuggling, holding hands, or eating cookie dough.

You don’t want to end up this materialistic, self-centered guy:

Walter Hobbs Elf Christmas in July

Because you know what that means!


And no one wants that! So smile and hug often, friends.

Buddy the Elf from Magic Kingdom for Christmas in July

Happy Christmas in July!

Be sure to hop over to Melissa’s blog to see what Buddy is up to!

(Note: I do not own any of these pictures. I have created them for my enjoyment and for your own too. Want more? Here’s my Buddy-fied post from last year too.)

4 thoughts on “Christmas in July: The Return of Buddy the Elf

  1. Disney World at Christmas time is pretty special! I wouldn’t mind seeing some of your ideas translate to the parks instead of a limited cupcake.

  2. Cute article. Thanks for throwing me under the bus. I’m going to talk to the Big Man and see that he gives you nothing but coal this year. (OK, fine, I’ll get you a few things myself to balance it out.)

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