Muppet Monday: Lovable But Annoying?

It’s pretty nerdy to admit (I guess, I do have a blog dedicated to Disney) but I get really excited when books have a Muppet reference in them. A few months ago I read this, and one of the characters loved the Muppets so much that he was always wearing t-shirts with their face on them. Too cute. (Also one of the best parts of the book, quite frankly.)

Then a couple weeks after that one I read Starstruck by Rachel Shukert (which I recommended to Hollywood Studios fans here). An early scene was making fun of a (made up) musical’s name and one of the mess-ups was Manhattan Melodies. I thought it could be purely coincidental and perhaps (just for my own enjoyment) that Shukert named the musical the Muppets put on in The Muppets Take Manhattan. Turns out the Muppet reference was, indeed, intentional because Shukert is a huge fan of them herself. (We even emailed back and forth about which Muppets what would play which role in a Muppet movie version of her book. A lot of fun but also really hard because there are not a ton of girl Muppets.)

That leads me to this post. I was reading another young adult book this week and the author called one of the supporting characters “lovable and annoying like a Muppet.” At first, I smiled but then I guess I kind of took offense to that. Are the Muppets lovable but annoying? Is it possible for them to be both? Is that the way to properly describe a Muppet?

I don’t think Kermit has ever been annoying, for example. So maybe it depends on your annoyance threshold. For the past few days, I’ve been concocting my own list of lovable AND annoying Muppets. Friends, this was really hard. Here is what I came up with:

Miss Piggy

Miss Piggy

What makes her annoying: Miss Piggy is so easy to hate (at least once Season 1 of The Muppet Show is over) because she has to be the focus of every single thing. What a diva. Plus she will step on whoever is there just to be on top. (Case in point: Poor Bean Bunny in MuppetVision 3D.)

What makes her lovable: I love how much she cares for Kermit. Sure, sometimes it’s totally over the top and crazy but she really does love him and want to be happy with him, and I think sometimes that is her best quality.

Lew Zealand

lew zealand

What makes him annoying: He’s always throwing fish around! I feel like you have to be on high alert when hanging out with him. Also, does he smell like fish? That could be a huge turn off.

What makes him lovable: Look at that face! He is so happy and smiley. I’m sure he means well, right?

Waldorf + Statler

waldorf and statler

What makes them annoying: What doesn’t! These guys have a huge (life-long?) reputation for making fun of the Muppets, insulting them, mocking them, and all around being their number 1 worst fans.

What makes them lovable: In all their insults, I have to imagine they love the crew deep deep down somewhere, right? Plus it’s pretty funny to have these two as a foil, and sometimes, just sometimes (though mostly in older Muppet Show episodes), you get to see their softer side. Waldorf + Statler are really written very well, all of the time, and I think that’s a huge reason why I enjoy seeing them on my screen so much.

Okay, I also took to my trusty twitter followers to see what they thought. I was actually very surprised by the answers:

Lovable and Annoying Muppet responses from Twitter followers: Muppet Monday feature

I would love to hear from you! Who is on your list?

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