Instax Gratification at Walt Disney World

My parents did really well with my Christmas present this year.

I was so surprised and excited to get a Fujifilm Instax Mini, a darling little camera I’ve been wanting for awhile, in my stocking. It was definitely the perfect companion for our March road trip from New York to Florida, but with limited film, I had to be very choosy about my shots. This also meant I had to know how to use the camera correctly. Turns out, it’s not the easiest to use when the light is so bright or when it’s too dark.

Cinderella's Castle Walt Disney World Instax Mini Picture

I used to love my mom’s Polaroid camera when I was a kid, and even though I can snap pics with my iPhone or digital camera whenever I want, there’s still a little thrill of waiting to see the instant film develop. You just don’t get the same joy when you are playing with Instagram filters.

With limited time (remember we only did one park a day?) and a small amount of film, my collection of Instax pics from our last trip make me happy. It was definitely a different way to commemorate our vacation and capture some of my favorite spaces in the parks. It sounds like a pretty easy task, but it really wasn’t especially because the lighting had to be just right. (Patience!) For example: Spaceship Earth was the hardest landmark to get just right. This is sad for me because it’s probably my most photographed Disney sight. (My husband makes fun of this all the time.)

So how did I choose? Cool theming, nostalgia, time of day, and the size of the crowd all played into the decision. Hope you like the finished products!

Carousel of Progress Magic Kingdom Instax

Carthay Circle Hollywood Studios Instax

Animal Kingdom Decor Instax Picture

Magic Kingdom Tiki Decor Instax

MuppetVision Hollywood Studios Instax

World Showcase Epcot Instax View

Isn’t this fun? I can’t wait to come up with a fun way to display these in my apartment! Plus I just ordered this rainbow film this week. All I need is another definite trip back to the World and I’m all set.

I do like the Tiki picture best out of this batch.

What do you think?

P.S. Rachel sent me a great link for other Instax accessories. I am obsessed.

6 thoughts on “Instax Gratification at Walt Disney World

  1. Ohh, I’m sort of obsessed with cameras and I’ve been wanting one of those Fujifilm Instax Mini’s for such a long time!! I still don’t have one (sad face) but I love how yours turned out! The Disney Hollywood studies one is my favorite. I’ll definitely have to get one of these now that I know how nice they turn out.

    Emily from Blue-Eyed Bibliophile

  2. So you’ve got a camera that takes Instagram pictures but doesn’t put them on the Internet? How retro!

    NOTE: The preceding is obviously a joke. Please do not reach through the Internet and punch me. Thank you.

  3. I love these shots! There’s nothing like analog. I grew up with a Polaroid One Step – got it for my 10th birthday. My collection of Polaroids of my family from the 70s and 80s is one of my favorite treasures. So fun, and really nothing like it. Thanks for sharing!

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