Muppet Monday: Seeing Double with Steve Martin

So I was walking to work last week and thought: I should write about that Steve Martin scene in The Muppet Movie because it is just too awesome.

The powers of the universe obviously like Steve Martin and the Muppet because a few hours INTO work that day a new Funny or Die video pops up with Steve Martin and Kermit the Frog battling it out on the banjo.

Kermit is a little competitive, isn’t he? Maybe he’s still not over Steve Martin’s guest servicing in The Muppet Movie during his first date with Miss Piggy. Though, Kermit should rejoice because he certainly still looks just as young, 35 years later. Maybe growing up in the swamp has something to do with that.

“Oh! May I?” Clearly, Steve Martin was not trained in the cast member university. (Or was he?) The usage of guest stars is one thing that really stands out for me in the vintage Muppet movies. It doesn’t feel like a cameo but an actual planned moment and Steve’s role as the disgruntled waiter is so well done, you don’t even care that he is Steve Martin. Just that he is subtly hilarious and makes a mark without being “too human” in this world of Muppets. (A common complaint about the storyline involving Jason Segal and Amy Adams in The Muppets.)

Upon my rewatching of The Muppet Movie, this short scene became a standout for me. In under 3 minutes, we learn so much about Kermit’s character AND this waiter guy and I think that is all testament to Muppet writing of the past. (Jack Burns and Jerry Juhl wrote TMM.) The characterization can be so dimensional without piling on too much.

Happy Muppet Monday, friends! Hope this one kicked off your week with a few laughs!

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