Aladdin on Broadway in February 2014

On Disney Theatrical, you are such a trickster!

I literally just wrote a post (to go live next week) and stated how little news there was coming from them this summer. And then TODAY, today they announce dates for Aladdin the Musical to open on at the New Amsterdam Theatre on Broadway!

Aladdin on Broadway New Header August 2013

After a tryout in Toronto from November 1 to January 5, Aladdin will open for previews on February 24th with an opening date set for March 20th in New York.

There’s no info on much more than that (most definitely not casting) at this moment but I thought it was worth pointing out something. The tagline. “The New Musical Comedy.” None of the other shows that have been brought to Broadway have been labeled as a comedy. With the brilliant little illustration of the Genie on the new art, it’s obvious that he will be taking centerstage. Can this work? At its core, Aladdin is more than a love story. It’s about two people who are fighting against their given fate and want so much more. With their help of their friends, their wishes come true and they also find each other.

Needless to say, I’m super interested in this “new direction” and the emphasis on the funny.

You can sign up for all the Aladdin emails on the show’s main website. And be sure to like the show on Facebook and follow them on Twitter to stay in the know!

Psst. Check out a piece of this interview with Alan Menken.

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